On My Way!

Y’all. I. Am. Excited. 

I am now officially on my way to Europe. 
I’m sitting at our gate in the airport. 
This is what I’ve been dreaming about. 
This is the kind of thing I’ve imagined for years. 

I can hardly wait to share stories, ideas, pictures and the experience with y’all. 
Posting might be a little slow some of the time, but I will have scheduled posts. 
It’s going to be amazing, so hold tight and have fun. 🙂 
If you were going to Europe, what/where would you want to do/go where? 

One thought on “On My Way!

  1. David Mabe says:

    I'm envious. 🙂 As I've said in other posts, the UK would be my desired place to visit. England, Ireland, and Scotland. I've always loved the Celtic region. I love the picture of Scotland with the lush green hills and the Loch's and villages. In England, I'd love to one day take the Beatles tour. And also to visit the famous pub where Tolkien and Lewis would meet and talk and brainstorm. It's also a dream to take part in one of the Reformation tours. Bob Jones University does one that takes you all over Western Europe. From Rome all the way to London. If I were to do everything in Europe that I'd want to, I'd probably have to have a years vacation. Hope you're having a good time, Aidyl.


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