H is for Health

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m posting about one of my favorite things: Living the life you were born to live. I’ve been so blessed with a family that constantly encourages me and builds me up and I want to pass that along to y’all! I’ll be traveling a lot during the month, so some of the posts are scheduled ahead of time and answering comments might take some time. I’ll try and keep up though. Thanks for stopping by! 

H is for Health 

Health is a huge thing for me. Good health isn’t easy to come, and it’s really hard to regain once lost. I should know, I’ve battled with it a lot. For six years I was sick with Lyme disease, five of those years were spent not knowing what was wrong. Because of that, I don’t take health for granted. Not one little bit. 

I can tell a big difference with how I feel depending on what I eat and how I spend my day. When I eat junk food or sugar, I get stressed more easily. When I don’t drink enough water, I get horrible head aches. When I stay up too late, I feel sluggish the next day. 

On the flip side, when I go for a walk, I feel energized and clear-minded. When I eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit and stay off of wheat, I feel as if I can accomplish so much. When I drink tons of water, I don’t feel so sleepy and most of the time keep head aches at bay. 

Keeping healthy is a lot of work, but it’s well worth it and ever so much easier than regaining health. What about you? Do you spend the time to take care of yourself? As my grandma often reminds me, I’ll hopefully live a nice, long life. I need to take care of myself and not try to do everything today. (Still something I’m trying to learn…) 🙂 

4 thoughts on “H is for Health

  1. The Veggie Polyglotographer says:

    I need to get back on track with my health! I've had serious joint problems since three weeks, and it totally de-railed my exercise/eating habits! But my joint pains have now passed (I think it was just the last steps of puberty, haha).T his is an inspiring post. Thank you!


  2. David Mabe says:

    It's a lot of work, but its worth the effort. Health problems can also lead to depression, which then adds more stress to the body. It's a vicious cycle.A very good reminder, Lydia. Stay safe. 🙂


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