Mountain Climbing

You know how I said the plan was to climb up the mountain yesterday? Well, we weren’t able to because of the rain. Since we weren’t able to do it, we headed over to the orphanage in the afternoon to hang out for a while and make plans to climb the mountain today. 
And today dawned beautiful, clear and perfect for mountain climbing. We left the house before six and arrived at the mountain a little before seven. Riding in the back of a truck gives a delightful view of the countryside as we’re driving past, including a daunting first glimpse of the mountain we were about to tackle. 

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when we started out. I soon discovered that I’m woefully out of shape and that if it weren’t for three of my amazing friends taking a slower pace with me, there might not be an Aidyl left to write this post.

The others in our group of 21 soon passed us by and the four of us were left climbing, climbing, climbing. Actually, I make that sound a lot better than it really was. It’s more like climbing, resting, climbing, resting, climbing, resting… You get my point. To begin with it was steep. And I would count out about 30 steps before I had to stop. Then it got to the point where I could go for 50 steps without sitting down. And finally when I reached 200 steps without sitting down, I stopped counting. Yes, that’s right, folks: the further we got, the easier it became, even though it was still uphill.

On the way up, I just worked on following in Hosanna’s footsteps. I didn’t dare look up ahead, because the steepness of the hike would drain the energy right out of me. On the way down, I was surprised at what the trail looked like. It was so pleasant and enjoyable. (And steep, but we already knew that.) 
All the breaks on the way up were actually really nice, because goodness! The view! The view! The view! I can’t find the right words to express how breathtaking it was (in more way the one). Villages and rice fields and mountains and trees dotted the distance as far as the eye could see. Greenness abounds in Indonesia and I think green is a fabulous color. Y’all should come here and do some mountain climbing if you ever get the chance. If you do, send me an email and we can gush over the beauty together. Ok? 
When we reached the top and I realized we’d done the whole thing in an hour and a half (and that it was only eight thirty in the morning!), I was extremely pleased with little ‘ol me. They had told us it would take between one and a half to two hours. Hey, I hadn’t done so bad after all! I’d actually done pretty good. The rest of them were just really fast. 
We rested on the top for about an hour and ate the snacks we had brought. Some of the more adventurous people hiked a bit further to another ridge. I thought it looked like fun and even though I was feeling the best I had the whole time, I figured it would probably be smarter for me to rest for the trek down instead of joining them. 
I found a place to sit just a few feet down the mountainside and had a marvelous time gazing down at the world below. It was so peaceful. I just wanted to stay and sit there for hours. I think it’s probably my favorite place I’ve been in Indonesia so far. 

Right before we began our downward journey, the clouds began rolling up the mountain. We were happy the view had been cloudless on the way up, and we were happy to have the shade of the clouds on the way down. Even so, most of us got dark sunburns which have been displayed like trophies this evening. (Or maybe that’s just my imagination…) 
If you look closely at this picture, you can see part of our group traveling down the mountain. 
(Look at the middle of the picture.)  

I can hardly wait to tackle the next, bigger mountain! 🙂 What about you? Have you gone mountain hiking? What’s your favorite part? If you haven’t, do you think you’d like to?
And remember, the A to Z Challenge begins tomorrow! Yay. =) 

11 thoughts on “Mountain Climbing

  1. David Mabe says:

    That sounds like an amazing adventure. It took me a bit to find the people in that last picture. They're tiny little specks. 🙂 In Ken Ham's book, “How Could a Loving God,” he talks about how mountains, while we view them as these beautiful, majestic structures, they are evidence of the judgement that God brought upon the Earth in the flood. But even so, in the evidence of judgement and destruction, God's beauty still shines through. I hope you have a great Monday, or Tuesday, whichever it is for you. 🙂


  2. Helena says:

    Will not be jealous. Will not be jealous. Will not be jealous. Ok, not working… I am jealous. But not in a bad sort of way – but in a “Oh my goodness you're doing that without me?!” Sort of way. That is amazing!! Stunning beauty! I am so so happy you're there and looks like having the time of your life! Great job on making it up the mountain – I am so proud of you lil sis!


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