When Life Hands You Lymes #9

And yes, as I’m writing my 100 words for the day, at 11:36 at night (company just left) I’m suddenly hit with the thought that wait a second, today is Friday and I’m supposed to get my When Life Hands You Lymes post up. What is happening to my brain?

So, here y’all go!

“Pizza does not sit well on my stomach.” Looking up from the strumming I was doing on my guitar, I saw Katie standing in the doorway of my practice room. 
“What does that mean?” I set down the instrument. 
“It means since you’re the one who picked that greasy meal, you’re the one who’s going to get to stay up late watching a movie with me while I can’t sleep.” 
Noticing that she was in her PJ’s, I looked down at my phone, “Wow, it’s almost ten thirty.” 
“I am well aware of that.” Katie taps her manicured fingernails on my wall, “Do you want to go down to the game area to watch something on the big screen, or should we snuggle in bed and watch it on our computer?” 
“Let’s watch it on our computer.” I slip my guitar onto his stand, and then stretched. “You pick it out and get it set up, I’m going to get in my PJ’s and brush my teeth.” Several minutes later we were watching some movie about WW2. Katie doesn’t generally watch anything unless it’s at least somewhat educational. 
Ever since Jason (our oldest brother) left for college last year, I’ve learned to treasure the time I have with my family a lot more. I mean, of course I always enjoyed it, but somehow I thought they’d always be around. Now I know differently. 

“Eww, what are you wearing those clothes for?” Darrick wrinkled his nose at me and gestured at my riding clothes. 
“For your information, these clothes are very stylish.” I did a little twirl before sitting down at the breakfast table. A lot of people like to sleep in on Saturday morning, but not me.
“Stylish?” He gave his head a shake, as if trying to clear a bad dream. “For where?” 
“The horse stables.” I tried to glare at him, but broke into a big grin instead. “I’m going horseback riding with some of my friends from school, celebrating summer vacation.” 
“You’re going out in public like that?” Darrick smirked. 
“Mom, is anything wrong with my outfit?” Turing to Mom, I raised my eyebrows. 
“Of course not darling.” Mom didn’t even look up from the letter she was reading. “Very nice, Katie.” Mom handed the piece of paper to my sister. “I think you should show that to Dad when he comes down. He’d enjoy seeing the praise his daughter is receiving.” Just then Mom saw me. “Madalyn, are you going horseback riding today?” Her face was a mirror of Derricks.  
Looking down at my jeans and plaid shirt, I tried to figure out what was wrong. “Yeah. Some of us kids are going trail riding. Do I look weird?” 
“No. Just… Western maybe?” Mom smiled, “Will you be back for lunch?” 
“Not if everything goes according to plan.” I had thought I’d discussed this with Mom earlier in the week, but with all she had on her plate, I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t remember. “We’re going to take a picnic lunch with us and ride out to the meadow a couple miles away from where Julia lives. They said there’s a nice waterfall and everything. Just the perfect place to spend my first Saturday of summer vacation.” 
“Picnic lunch? There’s going to be food there?” Darrick added another spoonful of eggs to his plate. “Do you have room for one more?” 

4 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lymes #9

  1. David Mabe says:

    You had me at strumming on a guitar. 😀 The story overall was great as well. I enjoyed the sister moment between Madalyn and Katie. The banter between Madalyn, her brother, and their mom was great. I'm liking the family more with each of these “episodes.” The only “critique” I have is I would have liked a bit more between Madalyn and Katie. It just seemed to end really abruptly. Loved it. Can't wait for next weeks chapter. And nothings wrong with your brain. I imagine that as lousy as you've felt over the past few years that you are trying to “make up for lost time.” I'm glad you have the ability to do all that you do. Have a great weekend!!


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