February in Review

February was another one of those crazy busy months! I’m seeing a trend here though, and I’m not expecting life to slow down any time soon. Did I mention that I’m, Lord willing, going to Europe in April? I’m so very excited about that! I can’t wait to share some more about that with y’all! Anyway, back to February, here’s the month in review. 🙂 

1. Write and send 22 snail-mail letters – CHECK I’ve actually sent out more than 22  I’ve sent out more, but I didn’t keep track
2. Go for 22 days (not in a row) without Internet – I’ve gone four days so far – every Sunday I’ve done four more Sundays
3. Go for 22 days (not in a row) without computer – I’ve gone four days so far – every Sunday I’ve done four more Sundays
4. Read 22 non-fiction books – Read 2 and I’m reading three more right now I read one more non-fiction and am reading several more
5. Read 22 fiction books – Read 6 I read four of them, which surprised me because I hadn’t realized I read so much. I read at the beginning of the month and the end, but hardly anything in the middle
6. Write 22 thousand words in my journal – CHECK I’ve written a couple thousand more 
7. Memorize 22 (Bible) verses – Memorized 6 verses (Proverbs 1:5-7 and Proverbs 10:19-21) Ooops, I didn’t do good with this, I’ll have to work on it more this next month
8. Move to our new house Well, I have about half my stuff moved over and my room is a disaster as I’m working on packing up and going through the rest of my stuff
9. Go to Florida – CHECK – Currently in Florida We were in Florida until Saturday the 15th
10. Go to Europe 
11. Go for 22 days in a row without sugar – CHECK – From Jan. 1st. until Jan. 23rd. I’ve had sugar two days this year, but been off of it the rest of the time 
12. Host a writing contest on Noveltea
13. Do a guest post or be interviewed on other blogs or host a guest poster or interview on my blog 22 times – HERE and HERE, plus I have several guest posts waiting to be posted Oh, I’ve got some great ones coming up, y’all! I can’t remember if I did any more this month… 
14. Track all the money I spend for 22 days
15. Do the 100/100 challenge with Limes – I’ve kept up with this Yeppers! I now have over 6,000 words 🙂 
16. Write the continuing Limes story on Noveltea, at least 500 words a segment – Kept up with this I almost forgot until too late yesterday, but got it posted just in time… 
17. Get my drivers license
18. Do my idea with the jar and marbles/beads, etc…
19. Get WDG totally edited
20. Write the first draft for my AK’s book – CHECK – Completed on Jan. 10th, 2014 And it’s at the editors now! Yay 
21. Get my second Creation Quest book totally ready for publication
22. Write ten book reports/reviews – Reviewed 5 (Herehereherehere and here) Wrote one more, here
(5 out of 22 completed, 9 out of the remaining 17 started)

Now let’s move on to my daily, weekly and month-long goals: 

I have seven daily goals and eleven weekly goals that stay the same, I’ve kept up with each one of those. In addition, I also chose ten goals each week with a certain number of times I want to do each of those goals. I’ve kept up with those, too. Lastly, I have three weekly goals (that change each week) and three monthly goals (that change each month) and fifteen year-long goals. Here the Month and Weekly goals are: 

Monthly Goals:
1. Pack my room at least 1/2 of the way  =YES
2. Help out with Business Meetings  =YES
3. Have a list of 150 MG blogs = YES

Week One Goals:
1. Get ready for Business Meetings = YES
2. Find 65 MG blogs = YES
3. Spend quality family time each day = YES

Week Two Goals:
1. Finish up business meetings = YES
2. Pack van and go to Everglades = YES 
3. Write future blog posts = YES

Week Three Goals:
1. Find 45 MG blogs = YES
2. Begin packing room, hopefully 1/4 = YES
3. 5 future blog posts = YES

Week Four Goals: 
1. _________ = YES
2. Pack at least 1/4 of room  = YES
3. Get at least 7 future blog posts done = YES

Year-long Goals:
I worked on several more, but didn’t get any accomplished all the way. 🙂 

How about you? Did you accomplish your goals for the month? If so, I’d be delighted to hear about it! (And, even if you didn’t, it would still be great to hear what you did during Febuary! 😉 

16 thoughts on “February in Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great job with February, Aidyl, especially for one who was away from home so long! 🙂 Monthly goals are great, but I also like how you broke it down into weekly. Kinda helps you focus on a little bit at a time. Good job with the sugar! Except for maybe 5 times, I have been off of sugar for nearly a year. Don't even miss it! 🙂
    My goals for February were mainly to get a lot of writing done, journal and fiction, which has been going better the last week – learn 2 more piano songs – check – learn a song for an upcoming show I'm going to be in – and use my free time more productively. For March, much is the same, with my personal goals being focused on writing, music, managing time, reading and building up my friendships. 🙂



  2. David Mabe says:

    Great job on accomplishing your goals, Aidyl. You are definitely inspiring. If it wouldn't make your luggage to heavy, I might try and hitch a ride to Europe. 🙂 I hope to one day visit. Especially the UK. I have a fascination with the ancient castles and would love to visit the Scottish Highlands one day. And would love to see Loch Ness. Not necessarily to find out if I could catch a peak at Nessie, but just to see the Loch itself. Where all in Europe do you plan to visit?


  3. Evan White says:

    Hi!!! Good job on your goals! I will have to start school in 13 minutes so I am just stopping by saying hi. I am homeschooled and the offical time to start school is 9 am so I have a few minutes to spare.


  4. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Being off sugar so long is great! Way to go, Rebecca! Nice job with the goals. 🙂 Sounds like you've been busy. And I would agree, friendships are something to spend time on!


  5. Ashley says:

    This is so great. Lol. Maybe I should make a 21 before 21 list. Except I'm not all that great at doing this kind of thing. 😦
    Question… How do you know how many words you wrote in your journal? Do you actually write in a journal or do you keep a journal on your computer? Lol. Just curious. 🙂


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