Refreshing Rain by Sarah Rudolph

I am so very, very excited to have a poem on here today from one of my bestest friends ever.
Sarah and I first met back in 2006 or 2007 and if you’ve been hanging around Noveltea for very long at all, you’ve probably seen her mentioned. 
She’s the kind of friend that I used to pray for. She guest posted on here way back when in 2012, as one of my first guest posters. I also talked about her multiple times this past autumn when we got to see each other an exorbitant (and amazing!) amount of times. 

Sarah has always astounded me at the seemingly effortless way she can transform thoughts into a poem. I’ve read many of her poems and often come away feeling so very blessed to be her friend. Now, without further ado, let me present to you Refreshing Rain by Sarah Rudolph:

Refreshing Rain

When doubt clouds begin to gather
soon the winds begin to blow
And I hear the distant thunder
I begin to worry so.

When I hear that pitter patter
soon becoming pouring rain
then my thoughts begin to scatter
and my heart begins to strain.

Then I hear a gentle wooing,
Saying, “Child, why do you fear?
Do you know what rain is bringing?
Just you wait and persevere.

Child the rain won’t last forever
But it needs to come today
It is doing you a wonder
you’re afraid child, you can pray.

When it stops things will be greener
and you’ll see what you have faced
was a strong revealing torrent
washing of your dirt and waste.

When it’s over you’ll see clearer
why you needed rain to come
and you will be on step nearer
to who I’ve made you to become.”

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