When Life Hands You Lymes #8

Hey y’all! Wow, I didn’t mean for this post to be so late… :-/ I hope it’s worth the wait. 🙂 And now for my 8th post of When Life Hands You Lymes. I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts!

“Madalyn?” Katie looked up as I came rushing into the main entryway. She was sitting by our fountain, one of her favorite places in our house. “What is going on?” 
“You’ll never guess who I got a call from!” I did a little victory dance. 
“Then why don’t you just tell me?” Katie can be so levelheaded sometimes. 
“It was the Ashbury Symphony!” The words came out more of a high-pitched squeal then  in a normal voice. 
“Really?” Katie closed the book she’d been holding open with her finger and set it next to her. “What were they calling for?” 
“They want me to come in and audition for a place in the symphony! I guess Mrs. Jenson was telling them about me. Goodness, I could just hug that lady right now!” Mrs. Jenson was my piano teacher, and had been since I was three years old. “They, like, never ask someone to come in and audition. I mean, I guess they do, cause they just asked me, but most of the time you have to go and ask them for an audition.” 
“Wow!” Katie got up and gave me a hug. “That really is great news, Maddie. When is the audition?” 
“Next Wednesday.” Just then Mom came in the front door, and of course I had to rush over and tell her the whole story. Mom’s a pretty good mixture of Katie and me when it comes to her personality. She’s not nearly as gushing as I am, but not quite as calm as Katie. She actually joined me for a little dance of joy, which of course just made the whole situation even better. “I think this calls for a celebration dinner!” Mom looked at her watch, as if trying to decide how much time we had to pull off something special. “Why don’t we see if the Cartons can come over?” They were our neighbors who lived just down the road and were often invited over at short notice. “I’ll ask Jimmy if he’s started anything yet, and if not, we can try and pull off an extra special meal.” 
“Pizza?” I raised my eyebrows. I know the average American kid probably eats pizza all the time, but in our family it’s a rare occasion. Probably something to do with how unhealthy it is. 
“Pizza?” Mom cringes. 
“The store bought kind?” I give her an exaggerated grin. “That way Jimmy can have the evening off.” I considered batting my eyelashes at Mom, but know that would just look silly. 
“Well, I guess since we’re celebrating your victory, that will work.” Mom seems quite reluctant, but since my mouth is already watering at the thought, I just give her a big happy hug instead of letting her back out of the deal. 
The Cartons were able to come over, and me oh my, did we ever have a fun evening! We ate in our Glass Dinning Room, which is my very favorite dinning room out of the five our home has. The floor, ceiling and three of the walls are made out of a thick, clear glass. Under the dinning room, there’s a bubbling brook that continues on into our eight-acre garden with the most beautiful flowers, bushes, stone walk ways and fountains. It’s really a breathtaking sight, and that’s what we got to see as we were eating…pizza. After we were done eating, Mom suggested I play a piece on the piano, which was what I’d been secretly hoping for. Then we all gathered around for a bit of ice cream before the Cartons went home. 

4 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lymes #8

  1. David Mabe says:

    Wow!! Great segment!! I really liked it. I love the description of the house. I like what you're imagining with the house. Very cool. And, being a musician, I can really relate to Madalyn's triumph in this week's segment. Awesome!! Looking forward to next week's continuation. Have a great weekend!!


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