Introducing Alex from Action Kids

Since Olivia got such a gracious welcome yesterday, her brother, Alex wanted his turn on the blog (a sibling rivalry thing, I’m guessing…). Of course I was happy to host him, as long as he answered the questions I gave him. 🙂 I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts, y’all and thanks for the sweet comments yesterday! 

And without further ado, let me introduce Alex Hall:

Dudes! Alex, here. I’m supposed to tell you guys a little bit about me. I play basketball and football at my school which is totally great! Mom says I eat, sleep and dream sports. What else would I think about though? 

Ok, let’s see… What else? I’m part of the Action Kids Club. I’m ten, just like Tara, who’s another one of the Action Kids. Tara’s three months older than me, which is kinda a bummer because I wish I was older than her.  

Aidyl says I need to fill out this information before I got to basketball practice so here it is: 

Favorite Food: Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. Spaghetti isn’t really spaghetti unless there’s garlic bread with it
Favorite Pastime: Playing sports 

Choice of Career: Professional football or basketball player, I’m not sure yet, maybe both

Best Friend: I have two of them, Nathan and Caleb, they are also part of the Action Kids and are a lot of fun. Our parents work together so we get to hang out a lot

Favorite Sport: Basketball and football, I can’t choose one over the other 

Favorite Color: Green, it’s our school’s color

There! I finished! Yeah, now I can go to practice. Thanks for stopping by, guys, see ya around! 
(Here’s a snippet of the story told from Olivia’s viewpoint, and despite what they sound like, they’re great friends. 🙂 
It was the middle of the afternoon when we arrived at our new house. I’ll have to say, it was a pretty cool house. My bedroom was bigger than my last room, so that was nice. Plus, it was brown and pink and everyone knows brown and pink are two of the best colors ever. 
Then I stepped into the bedroom right down the hall and caught my breath. The room was purple – and not any sort of royal purple either. It was like someone had liquified Barbie doll clothes and sprayed them over the wall…the ceiling…the door. Even the carpet left me with the feeling of falling into a vat of purple paint.
“This is awful”, Alex took one look and wheeled around. “Where’s my room?” 
“Weeeelll…” Dad seemed to suddenly focus on something outside the window, the only piece of wall space that wasn’t purple.
Alex looked at mom.
“You’re kinda standing in it,” she blurted.
“Oh mom, please. You’re kidding, right? This feels like a nursery. Or a,” he looked at me carefully “a girls club.”
That burned, “Hey, that’s not -!”
“We’ll paint it as soon as we can,” Mom interrupted. “You’ll be fine until then. It’s only temporary.”
We filed out, but I could tell Alex wasn’t happy. I couldn’t resist a joke; “Hey Alex, for seeing so much purple, you sure look blue!” 
Dad snorted, Alex simply glared.

10 thoughts on “Introducing Alex from Action Kids

  1. David Mabe says:

    Alex and I agree. Where there's spaghetti, there must be garlic bread. 🙂 Even if there'd been a choice of bedrooms, Alex really didn't have a good option either way. Purple or pink/brown? Hopefully, it won't take long to get it painted. Till then, posters. Lots of sports posters. I'm enjoying meeting the Action Kids. Hope the rest of your Friday is spectacular. 🙂


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