When Life Hands You Lymes #7

Chapter Two 

Some people look forward to school being let out each year. For me, it’s like Noooo! I mean, really, traveling to Europe, exploring Africa and eating sea food in Canada is all good, but spending time with my friends, that’s what I really enjoy. Which is why I was bound and determined to spend every last minute with my friends for the last week of 10th grade. 
“Off to school again?” Katie glances up from the front door where she stands doing something on her phone. 
I finish pounding down the steps, backpack slung over my shoulder. I’m the first person in our family to go to our local high school. The rest of my siblings were tutored at home and went to a private school, depending on what seemed to work best for them. I love getting to hang out with everyone and the private school was really small, so I got to go to our public high school. 
“Totally, Katie!” I pump my fist in the air and go skipping outside. The air is so nice and summerish. I can just imagine going out with my friends and tubing on the lake. I’m not really great at water sports, but that doesn’t take away my enjoyment of them. Ok, so maybe school being let out won’t be too bad after all. 
“Maddie!” I see Julia  in the hall and rush to give her a hug. Some people think it’s weird that I like hugging all my friends, even when I see them five or six days a week. Katie says I greet them as if I haven’t seen them for months. It is fun getting to see them each and every time. 
“So, are you ready for summer?” Damien, Julia’s cousin and best friend walked up and gave her a thumb on the head. Everyone knows they’re just like siblings. They keep us entertained with their crazy antics. Last week Julia threw a bug at Damien and he calmly picked it up and ate it. It was gross.
“Ready for summer? Who isn’t?” Julia asks as Damien grabs both hers and my backpack and then leads us down the hall to our first class, which we all have together. 
“We’re going horseback riding next Saturday to celebrate school being out.” Damien walks backward to include me, and a couple other people who are in the hall behind him in his announcement. “Any of you who want to join us are welcome.” 
“Yeah, we were hoping to maybe get a group together to go riding throughout the summer.” Julia chimed in. Julia and Damien’s parents co-owned a riding stable. 
“Thanks!” Score one for friend time during the summer. “That will be so much fun! I hope I can join you!” 

Katie says if my life were a book, it would be filled with exclamation points. I think her “point” (haha!) is that I’m very enthusiastic and excitable. No matter what I do, I do it with a passion and upbeat nature that surprises most people who don’t know me. You hear about people magnets? I’ve been called that more times then I can keep track of. You hear about music nuts? Yeah, me neither, but I would be consider one of those, too. Which is why my life improved about 90% within the time span of a two minute phone call. 
“MOM! Guess who just called me!” 

3 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lymes #7

  1. David Mabe says:

    Ending us on a cliffhanger? That's cool. Now I have to wait all week to find out who called. The change of pace is nice as we're beginning the new chapter. I like how “high on life” Madalyn, or Maddie, is. Only one, ever-so-slight thing that kind of bothered me. The last paragraph seemed to kind of come out of left field. We have Madalyn at school having a conversation with her friends and then reflection on how excitable Madalyn is. For some reason it kind of felt out of place. I assume the new paragraph was focusing on how she answered Damien's riding invite so enthusiastically. It may just be because the “scene” between Madalyn and her friends is so short. But I really like the pace of the story established in the new chapter. I look forward to the next section. Have a great weekend, Aidyl!! 🙂


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