Today is going to be amazing. Yesterday after we finished up everything with the business conference, we headed down toward the Everglades. After hearing so many amazing (and freaky!) stories about the Everglades from my adopted parents, it’s going to be so much fun getting to explore them and experience them for myself. 
Oh yes, and today is Valentines Day, right? Happy Valentines Day, y’all! I hope you have a spectacular day. 🙂 

Yesterday after we got to our hotel room, we girls really wanted some ice cream, so our amazing bro – Oh wow. I just realized it’s Friday! Ooopes… Yes, I really did forget (and just now remembered) that I’m supposed to post my When Life Hand’s You Lymes story. And I’m supposed to be leaving in just a few minutes. Let’s see if I can get this done! Anyway, as I was saying, my bro Logan went and got us some ice cream to eat while watching the Winter Olympics. So sweet of him, right? And now let’s see if I can get this other post done… If you don’t see it this morning, check back later on, y’all!

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