Yesterday we got to go to Gatorland! For those of you who have never heard about this cool place before, it’s built in a swampish area and they have tons of gators. They also have some snakes, crocks, turtles, tons of birds and a few other critters. 
Most of the gators are out in big enclosures that look like their natural habitat. Some though, are in smaller pens. It’s really neat and the perfect opportunity to get some pictures of alligators up close. There were two rather big gators that were attacking each other about ten feet from where we were standing. It was amazing. 

My adopted mom and I both took turns sitting on a gator. It had it’s mouth taped closed, but still… =) It was a fun experience. My bro got a better picture than this one (with his big, professional camera), but I don’t have it from him yet. I might post it once I get it. 🙂 I wish I had been allowed to just stay there for a few minutes.

A few weeks ago, I was texting with my adopted dad, and I told him that we’d stopped for some boiled peanuts. The poor guy informed me he’d never had boiled peanuts before, so I knew we had to remedy that when he came down to Florida. When at Gatorland, we walked by a booth that sold them, so yay, he got to try them. Sadly, he doesn’t like them as much as I do… 🙂

The last time I went to Gatorland (about two years ago) I stayed in the car because I wasn’t feeling up to going in. Y’all, it’s so, so rewarding for me to be able to have the energy to actually live a “normal” life again! I’m so thankful to God for all that I learned during my six years with Lyme disease, and I’m ever so thankful that I’m over it now! (I put the normal in quote marks, because yeah, I really don’t live a normal life. 🙂 
There were about 90 people from our group at Gatorland, and most of us were wearing our t-shirts. That was pretty cool, because it’s a lot of blue! It was fun hanging out with everyone. One of my favorite things I got to do was holding with this adorable little girl. She looks practically perfect! 
We got to go on a little train ride, and as we got off, there was this family (not from our group) that recognized my adopted dad. They were ecstatic when Dad offered to get a picture with them. It was fun. 😉  
Have y’all ever been to Gatorland? Does it sound like something you’d enjoy? 

10 thoughts on “Gatorland!

  1. Evan White says:

    I've never been to Gatorland but i heard they have some food called Fried Gator Bites which is in general fried alagator did you have any Gator bites??? h, and how did ya keep the gator ya sat on from eatting you alive??


  2. David Mabe says:

    It all sounds great except for the snakes. I'm not a wimp. I'm only afraid of three kinds of snakes. Live ones, dead ones, and anything that looks like one. 🙂 I nearly killed myself over a green rope while walking around on my grandmother's farm as a teenager. Your time in Florida sounds like one big adventure after another. It's exciting when you talk about how you're enjoying now what you weren't able to before due to the lymes disease. And I love ya, Aidyl, but I'm going to have to go with your adopted dad on the peanut thing. Roasted is the way to go. I'm still really enjoying your posts about Florida. Can't wait for tomorrow's post. Have a great day!!!


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