Ken Ham/Bill Nye Debate

Hey y’all! I’m on my phone here, I forgot to post about something very special this morning (cold coming on = fuzzy brain). Today is the debate between Mr. Ken Ham and Mr. Bill Nye. If there is any way you can watch the live steaming, you won’t want to miss it! Also, please be praying for everyone who will be hearing the truth tonight! It’s going to be amazing!

Find out more here:

And here:

10 thoughts on “Ken Ham/Bill Nye Debate

  1. Evan White says:

    On sunday night the youth pastor in church told us in Youth Group right after we finished up reading First Timothy chapter 2 He mentioned the debate. the youth pastor is a 20 year old soon to graduate studant at UNC and studies Theology, various science classes, etc. He is an expert at the Bible and last sunday he saaid he heard about the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate, and that Bill Nye is not even a real scientist. Nye hosted a Kids science show but has never taken up science as a occupation and has no referance to being a scientist whatsoever.


  2. David Mabe says:

    I'll be watching as much of it as I can. It starts at 6pm CST, which is the time we started closing down the pawn shop. By the time I get home, an hour of it will have gone by. But I definitely plan to get the DVD of the event. I so with I could be there. Either way, Ken will definitely be in my prayers both as he prepares for the debate and as it's happening. And sorry to hear that your coming down with a cold. I'll be praying for that as well.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Have some friends that will be watching! 🙂 Will be at Play Practice myself tonight, but would be cool to see. No no, fight that cold!



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