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Alright, folks! So, this post was really fun to write. I randomly decided to do it this morning because I want to make sure to have a post with my office before I move. I know I’ve shown pictures before, but I think this is more in depth. Enjoy! 
Hey, y’all! On Saturday I showed you what my new office is going to look like and I thought I’d give you a picture-tour of my current office today. It’s pretty much one of the coolest offices I could dream of having (in the hay-loft of a barn, people!) and it’s so me-ish. I mean, when you see it, you see my personality personified. (At least I think that’s the right word… 🙂 
Alright, so this is where I write. Sitting right there, on that chair, holding my lap desk with my computer, note book, or whatever else I’m working on at the time. I haven’t worked at a desk for about 14 months. I’m not sure why I made the switch, but this works so much better than a desk for me.
This is to the right of my chair (in the picture, it’s really to the left of my chair). The little shelf/table (which is what everything is on) was made by one of my little sisters about five years ago for my birthday. That old box is stuffed full of papers, pens, and other such things. Mostly though, it’s 3×5 cards. Because really, 3×5 cards are a writers best friend, right? Or almost, anyway.
Oh, and isn’t that rock so cool? My adopted parents got it for me during this week. It’s not only pretty, but it also doubles as a water shield. See my cup of water behind it? Yep, the rock makes sure I don’t absent-mindedly put the cup closer to me, and therefore within spill-range of my computer and phone. In the background is a painting my dad got for me. Pretty cool, right? On the right is my Scentsy Warmer, and on the far right is a gift from Bekah, thanks! 

This is to the left of my chair (in the top picture, it’s to the right when I’m sitting down). There’s a Keurig from my amazing adopted parents, one of my favorite verses framed by my wonderful cousin, Aubrey, a beautiful rock ‘tree’ I bought during this week and some journals and notebooks/planning books, including a journal from my friend sweet friend, Susan. It’s also generally filled with a bunch more stuff, but I try to clean it off every day or so. 
In the background (to the left) you can see one of my filing cabinets. In the background of the rest of the picture, you see my windowsill, with another of my favorite verses framed and an Ark. I also have my window open, which is how it is most of the time, because fresh air is amazing. And yes, snow just blew in, and yes, it is around 18 degrees here. And yes, I do close off the heat vents in my office so I don’t waste the hot air. 🙂 

This is what I see when sitting on my chair. Lots of books, pictures, postcards and such. The table to the left is where I sometimes do work for our family business. The door is to the left, right outside of the picture. Those paintings and drawings, by the way, were a gift from my talented adopted dad. 
And here is my desk. Such a beauty. 😉 It’s abode is right in-between my two filing cabinets which you can see in the last two pictures. As you can see, right now it’s kinda full of books and other such things. 
When I said up under the second picture that 3×5 cards were a writer’s best friend, I knew that wasn’t true. Stuffed animals totally steal that spot. I mean, what would the world be like without all the fluffy little friends? 

This is one of the most special corners of my office (actually, the whole office is special, see why I like it so much?). In addition to the gallon of pickles my adopted parents got me for Christmas, I also have that utterly beautiful chest my parents got me for my 20th birthday (totally amazing, right?) and then you can see my white-board peeking out and the dog dishes laying there. All those cards? They’re from my adopted parents, so sweet, right? 
And then the shelf… Wow, where do I even begin? That shelf is stuffed full of amazing things, and each and every one of them has a story. There’s Inca Cola from Peru, a Boomerang from a friend who went to Australia, a rock from Canada, a box from my adopted parents when they went to Africa… There are things from Hawaii, Arizona, England, my grandma, my sisters, my parents, my childhood… Inside jokes rest on that shelf, memories crowd each square inch, all in all, it’s amazing. 

Alrighty, this is getting long, so here’s the lat picture. As you can probably tell, my chair is right outside of the left hand corner of this picture and the door is just outside the right side of it. This is my wall of pictures. Again, each one has a noteworthy meaning and memory for me.

So people, there you have it. My lovely, cluttered, totally-me office.
Can you see my personality shinning through? 😉
What about you? Which is your favorite nook in it? 

16 thoughts on “My Office

  1. Bekah says:

    I'm so glad you like your little bag! It's perfect for keepingn little knick-knacks in it.:-) Your office looks very cozy and warm looking, I like it! So you like pickles, too? I love them! I always take them off my hamburgers and eat them plain. I like dill pickles the best.

    I hope you have a blessed day!

    His Princess,


  2. David Mabe says:

    Wow. Both the old and new offices look amazing. It would be hard to choose between the two. Is the new office going to provide a larger work space for you? This office definitely has a warm inviting look about it. I can see wanting to spend lots of time there. Hope you have a great time in your office today.


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is so cozy and cute and full of inspiration, Aidyl! I saw the word “believe” several times – that is fitting if any word is in your office. 🙂 Surely you! I hope you like your new office as much as this one!



  4. Evan White says:

    This sure beats my office. My office is half of my bedroom. Your office is a lot nicer than mine. My room is my office. It is where I do homework. Your desk is nicer than mine. My desk is a coffee table my g'pa refurbished for me. My office needs upgrades. Half of my office suplies ( including my laptop and $125 iHome radio ) are broken. I will post pictures of my office later,


  5. Sarah Rudolph says:

    I really like your office Aidyl! I like all your picture frames! I have frames and paintings on my wall to that inspires me. =) My 'office' is my bed =) I read and write there. And my desk is a tote top, piled very high =) I like it.


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