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Hey peoples! Over at Go Teen Writers, they’re having a contest. Yea! 🙂 It has to be 107 or less and it has to begin with this exact sentence: Every word he spoke was a lie. Each person is only allowed to summit one entry, so I thought y’all could help me narrow down which one I should go with. I have to enter it tomorrow, so vote today! There’s a poll over on the side, < and you can also write ideas in the comments. Thanks, y'all! 

::a random picture of snow::
Every word he spoke was a lie. I tried to get mad at him, but I couldn’t, seeing how every word I spoke was one, too. A team of liars. That’s what we’d end up being. How was it possible? We had started out so promising. So full of dreams and hopes. And now we were stuck in the middle of Boston, lying harder and faster than a hamster going around on his little wheel. I knew it had to stop, but how could I suggest such a thing when we were about to make it big? When our break was just around the corner? 

Every word he spoke was a lie. This man I had loved and trusted, this father of mine, turned out to be a fake. A heart-rending, bone-crushing, soul-destroying counterfeit. A forgery of all I had wished for. 
Looking down at my hands, my sobbing breath caught in my throat as I wondered what atrocities I had innocently committed while doing the bidding of this lunatic. How could I have been so deceived? So beguiled? Had I been so desperate for my dream to come true that I had been oblivious to the fact it was actually a nightmare? How many lives had I ruined? 

Every word he spoke was a lie. Funny lies, but lies none-the-less. And it was my job to teach him a lesson. Rarely have I been less apt to do my duty; but being an older sister isn’t all about fun and games. At least that’s what they tell me. 
While lies about flying cupcakes, earthworms the size of garden hoses, corn turning into soldiers and houses talking might entertain me, they freak Grace out. And, if I don’t want Grace sharing a bed with me until she’s 18, I needed to put a stop to Jamie’s lies. The question is, how?

Every word he spoke was a lie. And I had believed him. Now it’s my time to get back at him. To repay him for the suffering he’s caused me. If there’s something I can’t stand it’s looking like a fool and having people whisper about me behind my back. 
But now is Jake’s time to suffer. I am an expert at plotting revenge. My childhood assured me of that. My revenge makes people’s hair stand up on the back of their necks and mothers cover their children’s ears. They don’t know me here, since I’m new. After Jake though, they won’t forget me. Ever.

18 thoughts on “GTW 100 Word Contest – Vote

  1. David Mabe says:

    Tough decision here, Aidyl. They're all really great. The toughest is deciding between 1 and 2. But like Rebecca, I think I'm going to go with 2. That one really gets an emotional response and I can actually feel the pain of the narrator.


  2. Evan White says:

    i just finished my own entry. my entry was about a girl who poisoned her ex and her best friend who were teasing her. her alibi was that she was at the hospital when it happened.


  3. Helena says:

    You didn't post today, so we're all hoping you're ok. And yeah, I know why you didn't post. You thought if you didn't we'd check back more often to see if you had and then we'd FINALLY vote for our favorite liar…. I got you figured out 😉


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