Life ;)

For the past month or so we’ve been trying to figure out a time I could join my adopted parents to work on a book. Then, on January first (I think?), I realized that (because of other stuff going on) it would work out for me to spend the weekend with them. Unfortunately, the other plans we had, needed to be canceled because of the weather, but my wonderful family still worked it out so my sister, Mariah, and I could go to my adopted parents Friday through Sunday. On Sunday we were going to have our Christmas together. (My two families always do Christmas together, although the date changes from year to year since all of us are crazy busy!) 

Over the weekend I heard we were supposed to have bad weather. I knew we were going to be able to accomplish all the stuff we had to do, but there was still some work that would have been really nice to get done, plus I love being with my adopted parents. Therefore I prayed that if it were God’s will, we would maybe get snowed in. 😉

my adopted mom and me

It didn’t happen. So, we went back to my other house (90 minutes away) and had a lovely (and short, because my adopted parents needed to beat the bad weather home) Christmas (which I will post about later). 

Mommy and my adopted mom also got out their calendars to see if different trips I wanted to go on with my adopted parents would work into the schedule (since I work for our family business this is especially important). While doing that, we began talking about when I could come and stay with my adopted parents again. And well, guess what? Low and behold I’m back here. Yep, Mariah and I ran and re-packed a little and loaded our stuff back up into the car. It’s working out great because I get lots of writing/book working time and Mariah is getting hours and hours of un-interrupted school time. 

Yea for writing, snow angels, riding Cowboy, talking, rolling down snow-covered hills, cracking whips, sword fighting (with sticks) and all the fun, adopted-parents stuff I’ll get to do this week. I love both my family’s so much and feel incredibly blessed to be in the position I’m at in life. 

And yes, I have been gone over half the year already. 😉 What have y’all been up to? 

12 thoughts on “Life ;)

  1. David Mabe says:

    It sounds like a fun 2014 for you so far. 🙂 I'm glad you told about your job here. In your past posts, you'd mentioned how you had a really flexible job and I was wondering what kind of job could be like that. Buddy and Kay seem like that kind of people that would be just fun to hang out with. I'm glad you're getting some time with them.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Fun fun! I am so glad that all worked out for you! 🙂 My goodness – I wear skirts in the snow, but they are really long and and belled at the bottom so I usually don't get snow on me. Your legs must have been freezing! 😀 I love that picture, though – so special. 🙂 Enjoy your visit, both Mariah and you!



  3. Helena says:

    Snow angels look fun…but what I really think is awesome is riding cowboy! If I tended to be jealous (which I am not) I would say I was jealous about that. 😉
    Stay warm today (wear leggings in the snow).
    Love you!


  4. Evy Cartyr says:

    Greetings and a Merry late Christmas!

    I found your blog through a friend who discovered your newly published book, which I plan to buy as soon as I can get the money set aside. I am very eager to read it. And to read more of your blog!

    It sounds like you have been very busy, but in the nice kind of way. I hope everything goes well for you while you are at your adopted parents and you get all the work done you are hoping to!


  5. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Aww, thanks for the sweet comment, Evy! I'm glad you've found my blog and that you're interested in my book! And yes, I've been very busy! I hope you have a wonderful week! 🙂


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