My 22 Before 22 Challenge

Hey ya’ll! So, you’ve entered into my world of goals, challenges and plans for 2014. Hold on tight because this is going to be a very fun, adventuresome and busy ride. Who knows… I might end up posting more than once on some of these days because I want to document these thoughts on here so I can point y’all back to them throughout the year so you’ll understand better where I’m coming from.

Here are the 22 challenges I’m going to try and accomplish before I turn 22 on September 30th, 2014. That I means I have 277 days to see how far I can go with them. Hopefully I’ll get them all crossed out! Please note, these are not my goals for the year. They’re challenges that will help me grow. I’m excited about them! 

1. Write and send 22 snail-mail letters

2. Go for 22 days (not in a row) without Internet

3. Go for 22 days (not in a row) without computer

4. Read 22 non-fiction books

5. Read 22 fiction books

6. Write 22 thousand words in my journal

7. Memorize 22 (Bible) verses

8. Move to our new house

9. Go to Florida

10. Go to Europe

11. Go for 22 days in a row without sugar

12. Host a writing contest on Noveltea

13. Do a guest post or be interviewed on other blogs or host a guest poster or interview on my blog 22

14. Track all the money I spend for 22 days

15. Do the 100/100 challenge with Limes

16. Write the continuing Limes story on Noveltea – at least 500 words a segment

17. Get my drivers license

18. Do my idea with the jar and marbles/beads, etc…

19. Get WDG totally edited

20. Write the first draft for my AK’s book

21. Get my second Creation Quest book totally ready for publication

22. Write ten book reports/reviews 

10 thoughts on “My 22 Before 22 Challenge

  1. David Mabe says:

    Well, goals 2 and 3 will be accomplished simultaneously. I guess that'll mean 22 days of no blogs. The European visit is an awesome goal. I'd like to, Lord willing, make a trip through the UK, focusing on Scotland. The writing contest is intriguing. 😀 For number 14, two words: online banking. I look forward to seeing how you progress on these challenges. I hope you had a great Christmas.


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Scotland would be so cool to visit! I'm not sure that's going to happen this year though… I also really want to go to Ireland. Wow, I'm thinking I might have to try more than one trip to Europe in my lifetime… 🙂


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