Blog Tour Stop #16 // Born for a purpose.

Second to last Blog Tour stop? How in the world did this go by so fast? The last three weeks have been extremely busy on here. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. 🙂 Check out TODAY’s post! It’s a fun one where I explore my ‘likes’ for each character. 🙂
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Born for a purpose. I don’t think there are any (at least not many) people reading this who would doubt that Jesus was born for a purpose. His birth wasn’t a random idea or miracle to throw the world into a tizzy. He was sent to redeem us from our sins, to help us find unity with God. To make a way so we could live with Him in heaven. His birth was prophesied about for hundreds of years before He was born. 
His life on earth wasn’t what anyone would call easy. He was mocked, persecuted, plotted against… They even tried to push him over a cliff once. All this by the people that He, as part of the Trinity, had created. And in the “end” he was betrayed by one of his own friends and killed. 
I used to think that since He was God, He could by-pass the pain and be fine, and He could have, but He didn’t, because then He wouldn’t have accomplished what He was sent here to do. He was sent here as a man. It was hard on Him. Here’s what He prays, “Father, if Thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not My will, but Thine, be done.” 
 Nevertheless not my will, but Thine, be done. You too, were sent here for a purpose. You were born for a reason. No, you weren’t sent here to save a dying world from their sins, but you were sent here to accomplish something that is bigger than you.
There have been times when I feel overwhelmed with all there is to do during the short amount of time we have on earth. Sometimes I just wish I could just be content being average and ordinary. But I can’t because I believe 100% that I was created for a reason. That God placed me here with a purpose to accomplish. 
What about you? Have you thought and prayed about what your purpose here on earth is? To bring glory to God, yes. How are you supposed to do that though? God says “…to whom much has been given, much will be required”(Luke 12:48). I think that includes all arena of life. Are you serving God to the extent of your ability? 
It can be really, really hard at times, but I’m learning that when I’m dedicated to serving God, when I don’t give myself “outs”, then a little bit can go a long way… 
Merry Six Days Until Christmas! 

4 thoughts on “Blog Tour Stop #16 // Born for a purpose.

  1. David Mabe says:

    One of the ultimate forms of insult I always felt Jesus received was when the Pharisees accused Him of being aligned with Satan. It's overwhelming at times to think about what Jesus suffered on our behalf. A lot of people focus on the events surrounding crucifixion when thinking about what Jesus suffered, but it started long before that. Just for Him to leave His home in glory was a sacrifice. Wonderful post today, Lydia. Have an awesome day.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, we can't just waste our life away! God wants us to be fishers of men – that's a huge call in itself! Beautiful, beautiful pictures!



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