Celebrating Six Months! (How to do it Aidyl-fashion)

Yesterday was the six month anniversary of my book being published! Exciting, right? So, what did I do to celebrate? I had a total ball! I hardly ever go shopping (’cause I would rather stay home), but my mom, four of my siblings and I were going to pick out the paint for our new house, as well as running a few errands. 
To celebrate, I took six books along with me: 
And on the first page of each book I wrote this: 

(Numbering them accordingly, the next one was #2 out of 6, etc…)

Then I found six random people in town, told them how special of a day it was, and asked them if they wanted to help me celebrate by receiving a book. I didn’t have anyone decline. 🙂 Of course I pointed out that it was a kids book, but who doesn’t know kids they can pass it along to? 

Book-receiver #1
The first three people to help me celebrate were from CVS. It was so much fun going up and just surprising them like crazy. I can’t wait to find another occasion that warrants the same kind of treatment!
Book receiver #2 

This sweet lady said she had grandchildren and thought they would really like the book. She was really happy to have me give it to her!

Book receiver #3

Just imagine it, these people were so surprised. It is so much fun giving something special away!

Then we went out to eat at a Mexican place. The fourth book was received by a little girl and her dad who I think were a little bit freaked out by me (sorry!) so I forwent the picture moment. I hope she enjoys the book.

Book receiver #5
One of the ladies working at the Mexican restaurant got into a conversation with Mom and she mentioned she had a child about the right age for the book (although she didn’t say that, seeing how she knew nothing about the book). So, I ended up presenting her with #5. 
Then we were going to go grocery shopping. When we pulled into the parking lot to the store though, we were talking about what food we needed (for dinner today, actually) and we remembered we had the needed ingredients in the freezer.
So I told my family, “I still have a book left though, we can’t go home yet!” Being the sweet and supportive family that they are, they let me climb out of the backseat (which meant my brother who was in front of me had to move, I had to put down the seat, climb out, then repeating the process backward when I got back in). I had wanted to just give it to someone in the parking lot, but since it was raining really hard, Mom vetoed that idea. 
“Look, there’s a kid right inside the doors, give it to her!” My sister told me as I was climbing out. So I did. She was there with what looked like her grandparents, so I explained what was going on to both her and her grandma, then asked if I could take her picture. She was a sweetheart! 

Book receiver #6
It was ever so much fun celebrating this way! I’m so glad I could do it. There’s nothing like randomly going up to people and telling them you’re an author and want to give them a book to help celebrate a big moment in your life. 
What about you, would you ever do something like this? Have you ever done anything like it? 
How would you respond if you were one of those people I was giving the book to? 🙂 
I hope you have a very wonderful and blessed Sunday! And thank you for helping me to celebrate! 

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Six Months! (How to do it Aidyl-fashion)

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was such a fun idea! I love it – was it original? I laughed at the fact that you kind of freaked the one little girl out. 😉 I am sure you made 7 people happy – the six and yourself! 🙂



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