CSotP Blog Tour #9 // Life Recently

Wow! We are already on day #9 of the Blog Tour. How did that happen? And finally, during the last couple of days I actually got caught up on sending out the posts to the different bloggers prior to the night before it’s supposed to be posted. (Sorry to you amazing bloggers who have worked with me, even with my lateness!)
I’ll talk more about that ^ later, but first y’all should really check THIS post out. I had jolly good time bragging writing about my editor and illustrator. Really, they’ve been amazing and so much fun to work with. 
And, if you want a chance to win a book, check out THIS post. 😉 

GA in October. Does it bother any of y’all when I randomly post pictures?
Because I enjoy seeing ones from different seasons and hope you do to! 😉

My life has been nuts recently. I knew it was December and that Christmas was zooming up, but I really had no clue how close it was until I stopped yesterday and changed my calendar to December and counted the days. It’s two weeks from today! Yeah, really. No wonder we had to send out Christmas boxes already. No wonder why we have our Christmas tree and decorations up already. No wonder we’ve been playing Christmas music. No wonder everything. 

Christmas is almost here! 

And I’ve basically written nothing about it on here. So hopefully that will be remedied soon. 😉 This Blog Tour has been tons of fun and really rewarding (I’ve been watching my page-views grow like crazy!), yet it’s been a huge amount of work as well. See, you’re supposed to work on a blog tour for months before you launch it. And I should have, but didn’t. I had a very good reason for that though! (Don’t laugh. It’s not an excuse, because really, it’s not as if I’ve been messing the Tour up or anything…) 
My reason? I was working on the my audio book and I made a commitment to myself that to keep on track, I wouldn’t work on any more projects (except the ones I have to do every day), until I finished the audio. 
As soon as the audio was done, I quickly switched to Blog Tour Mode, and here I am today. 😉 Even though that didn’t leave a lot of time to get ahead with everything before the Tour started, I would still do it again so it could be in the weeks leading up to Christmas. At least I think I would…. 
What about you? Have you been enjoying the Blog Tour?
Has your life been extremely busy? 

*Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse everything on the blogs that are hosting me.*

4 thoughts on “CSotP Blog Tour #9 // Life Recently

  1. Bekah says:

    Life around here has been busy, but that's okay. I, too, can't believe Christmas is almost here. Where has the time gone?

    I'm enjoying the blog tour; I look forward to seeing future posts up!

    God bless,
    His Princess,


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