Blog Tour Post #3 Is Live!

What about you, have you ever wondered why different things are important? Such as, why does it matter if Creation or Evolution is true? We’re here and we’re alive, so that’s what counts, right? Check out my post for today’s stop on the Tour to see for yourself and to read a review for Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl! Note: Due to the use of real people in my books, some people don’t realize it’s fiction, which is what happened in this review! It’s actually a pretty cool twist so make sure to check it out! Leah did a totally great job with the post and I think it looks great on her blog. I’m so thankful she’s hosting me. 😉 
Working on updating my blog at the hotel in June, the day of my book debut. 

Remember to check out this post for the schedule for the Blog Tour and to find out how you can be entered to win a prize just by leaving a comment or sharing this post! 

For a chance to enter a Giveaway for one of my books, check out this post!

*Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse the blog content of the blogs visited during this Tour*

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