Second Blog Tour Post Up!!!

So, I’m out of state, driving home with my bro. One of my best friends was visiting us and we had to take her back to where she’s been staying so she can fly back to her home (across the world!) tomorrow. It’s been so much fun getting to spend time with Sarah recently, and I can’t wait to share some pictures with y’all (when I’m not updating on my phone of course!).

I have now been away from home 100 nights this year, peoples! (I know, aren’t my traveling updates so much fun? Actually, I just enjoy telling y’all about it. Hopefully it’s not getting boring.) We had several short trips planned for this month that got canceled and I had really thought that I might end the year with having been gone for only 98 days and that kinda bummed me out. I mean, if I’m so close to 100, why not just make it there? And then two out of the last three nights things came up and 100 nights it is! (This is how that last paragraph should read: Oh my goodness, everyone! I’ve had a very extremely huge and busy year! I can hardly even think straight any more!)

Anyway! The next post is up for the blog tour! And there’s a GIVEAWAY!!!

Oh, and by the way, yesterday I got as many views on this blog as the whole first month I had it! Y’all rock! Keep up the great work and don’t forget to comment! (Click here to see how you can win a prize for commenting.)
Question of the day: What was your favorite trip you’ve taken recently?

*Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse everything on the blogs that are hosting the blog tour*

2 thoughts on “Second Blog Tour Post Up!!!

  1. Mrs. Mobunny says:

    My favorite recent trip? We drove to New Mexico this summer and enjoyed ABQ and Santa Fe. Drove on the Turquoise Trail, went to Tinkertown, shopped on Route 66, drove up a mountain and took pictures of cell phone towers….and enjoyed the dry summer weather. We also got to visit two churches, after knowing the pastors for years, it was good to see them at *home*.


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