Blog Tour Kick-Off and Schedule – Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl

Peoples! Welcome to the amazing and extraordinarily thrilling kick-off for our sensational December Blog Tour for my book, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl! I chose December for the Blog Tour, because I wanted to be able to do something special for y’all, and hey, a blog tour is a pretty special thing!

This tour will contain Behind-the-scenes, Giveaways and Guessing Games, oh my! It will also have Excerpts from CSotP (that’s how I’ll refer to Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl from time to time), Never-before-told-stories and lots of chances for Interaction. 

I’m so pumped about the next three weeks. Folks, you read that right Three Weeks! Every day (except for Sundays) there will be a stop for the CSotP Blog Tour! There will also be a True or False question at the end of each post which you can answer in the comments section, and then find the true answer (along with the next question) on the next stop for the Tour. 

And speaking of commenting… Here’s some pretty cool news: Each comment y’all leave on any of the CSotP Blog Tour Posts, will be entered into a drawing. Then at the end of the Tour, I’ll draw two winners who will then be able to pick any of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s (restrictions may apply) for their prize! Yes, folks. Any and all of your comments are entered into the drawing. 

Here are some ideas for your comments: 1. A regular comment on the post (if you think of two comments for a post, that’s wonderful, but please don’t break a single comment in half to get more points). 2. A  question about the post. 3. Answering the True or False question4. Answering the question I put at the end of each post.

And to get more publicity for the Tour (the more people, the more fun, right?) 5. I’ve decided that if any of you share info about the blog tour (including a link to one of the posts), whether it be on Google+, Facebook, your blog, twitter, or any other social media, just leave a comment saying “I tweeted this link” or whatever you did, and you’ll not only be entered into the drawing for the Comments contest, but you’ll also be entered into a contest for the Sharing contest. The name that gets drawn during the Sharing contest will also get to pick any of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s (restrictions may apply) for their prize! Of course, if you also want to leave a link to where you posted about the tour, this little author would be delighted to visit! 😉 

What do you think? True or False? Find out on the Tour Stop tomorrow!

Blog Tour Schedule
Note, I do not necessarily endorse all the content on these blogs. 
December 2nd Aidyl at: Noveltea – Blog Tour Kick-off & Schedule 

December 3rd Caitlin at: Pen Over Sword: The Official Blog of Caitlin Hensley  – Giveaway &What Inspired CSotP

December 4th Leah at: Apassionata  – Review & Why Creation?

December 5th Bethany at: The Ramblings of a Young Author   – My Adopted Parents & Me

December 6th Journey at: A Writers World – Caving Experience

December 7th Natalie at: Reading, Writing and Somewhat Profound Thoughts – Name Changes 

December 9th Heather at: My Writing Desk  – Giveaway & Character Interview with Lydia  

December 10th Bekah at: Family, Friends, and Writing  My Favorite Part of Writing

December 11th Bethany & Becca at: Clever Bunnies  – My Editor & Illustrator

December 12th Sara at: A Slightly Nerdy Bookworm  – Giveaway, Review &
Get to know the author: Top Five Books as a Middle Grader 

December 13th Tessa Emily at: Christ is Write – Excerpt from CSotP- Plot A

December 14th Katie at: Whisperings of the Pen  –Excerpt from CSotP- Plot B

December 16th Rosie at: Writings of Rosie  – Character Interview with CJ 

December 17th Emily at: Emily Rachelle Writes  – Giveaway & 
About Answers in Genesis Part 1

December 18th Kiri Liz at: Lianne Taimenlore  – About Answers in Genesis Part 2

December 19th Tairssa at: In The Bookcase  – My Favorite Characters 

December 20th Aaron at: Landmarks  – Author Interview 

December 21st Aidyl at: Noveltea  – Blog Tour Wrap Up 

So, which one of these stops are you most excited about? 😉

About the Author: 
Whether she’s building life-sized models of dinosaurs with her adopted family, trying her hand at cooking at a private retreat, or living in a barn, author Aidyl Ewoh (aka Lydia Howe) seems to have adventures follow her wherever she goes. Check out her book, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl and find out more about her at her Blog, Facebook, and Twitter
About the Book:
Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl:Traveling with her parents brings Lydia, daughter of explorer and singer Buddy Davis, plenty of adventure and mystery – from hidden clues in bookstores to cave paintings deep underground. 

*Sorry, but Giveaways & Prizes are only open to people in the USA. If you’re not in the USA and you win a prize, I can still send it to a address in the USA, if you give me one.* 

10 thoughts on “Blog Tour Kick-Off and Schedule – Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl

  1. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Have I told you recently that I love you, Aubrey? Because I do. And you're right, you inspire my day to day life in ways most people can't even fathom. Keep being your amazing self. 😉


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