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Only two more days until the kick-off post for the December Blog Tour! Y’all are going to have so much fun with it! I have multiple giveaways planned, all sorts of behind-the-scenes info waiting to be posted, as well as tons of other cool, fun things.  
I was up until almost 1:30 last night (this morning, actually), because I got caught up in writing some of the posts and lost track of time. My sibs and I were taken over by fits of laughter last night when I was working on my tour in our living room as we were all visiting together. At one of the tour stops I’m going to talk about my top favorite childhood books. As I was asking them which their favorites were, and trying to remember the exact names so I could look up my favorite, we started remembering all sorts of cool memories that had to do with the different books, hence the laughter. 
I feel blessed beyond belief at the thought of providing some of that same enjoyment and future memories to a new generation of kids. 

We still have family here from the Thanksgiving activities of this week, not as many as the last couple of days though. My plan for the rest of the day is to finish up my goals for this week (I have several things, including two hours of audio to listen to and cleaning my bedroom/office that I still need to do), make lunch, hang out with my lovely family and do more work on the blog tour.

Ok, so, I can’t seem to stop talking about the blog tour, can I? I just wish y’all could imagine how cool it’s going to be and how excited I am about it. It’s going to be three weeks long! Yes, folks, that’s right! If everything goes according to plan, it will start on my blog on December 2nd, and move to each new blog every day (except for Sunday) for three weeks. Peoples! It’s going to be amazing! Ok, yes, I am excited. And not only excited but maybe overwhelmed, too. 🙂 Until you’ve done a blog tour of your own, it’s hard to imagine the huge amount of work that is put into one. It will be worth it though!

And now I’m off to clean my room.
What are you up to today? Have you ever followed along with a blog tour before? What are your thoughts on blog tours? 

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