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To me, it comes in many styles and fashions. Even the word, inspiration, ignites a spark inside me. From the beauty of the sunrise, to the gray mid-November skies, to star bejeweled midnight rambles, the world itself is like a canvas to prod and kindle my imagination until what feels like brimming capacity.

From simple words of affirmation, to the sight of a newly born animal rising on its wobbly legs, to tasting a foreign culinary delight, my world can suddenly burst into a sphere of ideas and possibilities. From reading beautiful Psalms, to spending time alone with my Creator, to being with my family, almost everywhere I look, inspiration is awaiting me.

Sometimes I seek out inspiration, sometimes it seemingly explodes from the most unforeseen circumstances. There is one place where I can virtually unceasingly find it though. And that comes in the engaging and magnificent form of music.


Music. It’s an art for the soul, it revives me, it helps express the moods I don’t know how to convey. While I’m writing, music would be one of the most fundamental elements in helping me reveal the emotion I want the reader to feel. When I’m working on dishes, my mind is far beyond the reaches of soapy hot water as music takes me on explorations of uncharted lands filled with possibilities that might one day end up in a book. Music makes my mind soar.

Although I have no musical talent to speak of, I’m fine with that because I have been extremely blessed with knowing good musicians. My adopted dad, my amazing cousin Aubrey, and various others.

One of our good family friends is especially astonishing on the piano, and pianos… Well, what can I say? Pianos are marvelous, incredible, wondrous additions to the human race. Aaron (the aforementioned piano player) was recently accepted as one of the top ten finalist for a contest by Greg Howlett. I’ve been listening to his entry the whole time I’ve been writing this (which has taken me far longer than it should have), and thought y’all would want to check it out as well, so you don’t miss one of those amazing, almost fundamental parts of life. Click here to listen to his entry, and of course vote if you’re so inclined.

Where do you find inspiration?


To be inspired is great, but to be an inspiration is an honor. ~Unknown

4 thoughts on “Inspiration // Vote

  1. Emily R. King says:

    I grew up with a piano in my home. My father used to turn off all the lights at night and play in the dark. We would all stop what we were doing to listen. I don't have a piano any longer and I miss it so much! Great inspiration!


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