You guys, I did it. I did it. I did it! While a bunch of my writing friends were slaving away on NaNo, I was working on… My audio book. And I finished it. Amen and amen. 
I know I haven’t given y’all lots of updates on the book and that’s mainly because well, what’s exciting about an audio book update? Hey guys, guess what? I just had to repeat the third paragraph on the twenty-second page fourteen times, and now I can say it in my sleep! Or, Wow, you should be so impressed! I can now say the words ‘Archaeopteryx’ and ‘Quetzalcoatus’ like a pro! Or, How did I ever survive without listening to the same audio time and time again for week after week? Or, So yes, it took me eight tries to get the right background music for the last thirty seconds of track five, but I succeeded at last!

Yeah, so exciting, right? Doesn’t it just make you feel so left out that I didn’t share those updates with you over and over again? Since pretty much, making an audio book is about as redundant as it gets. I kid you not: I think it was as much if not more work to make the audio book then to write and edit the book. Ugg. 
Here are some actual things about the audio book that you might find interesting (and, if I already shared them on here, pretend like I didn’t):
1. I finished the whole audio book once, then we got a better quality mic at my work (which is where I was doing the audio) and so I re-did all the audio 
2. I had to look up how to pronounce the word Quetzalcoatus and was kinda disappointed with how easy to say it actually is (It sounds kinda like Kets a colt less)
3. Often times while reading, I would forget that I wrote the book and I’d be like “That’s a weird sentence” or “Oh wow, I didn’t know that”
4. Even more often then that, I would be like “Oh no I didn’t seriously make them say that, did I?” Or “Seriously, Aidyl? They give each other ‘a hearty handshake’, have a great conversation and then give each other another ‘hearty handshake’ before they part ways? What in the world were you thinking, girl?” 
5. I would ‘layer’ sound effects to create the correct feel for a scene. For example: I wanted a busy reception desk at a hotel, therefore I added the sound effects of, a) A noisy conference center b) A phone ringing c) Typing on a computer. I did stuff like that a lot. 
Enough about the audio book though.

I feel like a kid in a candy story now. I’ve spent so much of this year on projects that I had to do. (Goes with the territory of being a published author, I guess. Grins.) And now I get to chose something to do, just for fun! If it weren’t for the fact that I have tons of other, non-writing related stuff going on, I would jump in and tackle NaNo, because that just sounds like so much fun right now. Actually, I was wanting to do it really badly, and one of the big reasons I didn’t was because of the audio book. Note to anyone who doesn’t know what NaNo is. It’s writing 50,000 words during the month of November, and since we’re already in the last week of the month, it would be crazy to start it now!

Now that the audio book is finished though, I can just leisurely pick a project to work on. Oh yes, of course I’m working tons on the book tour, and the holiday season has started which means extra stuff going on at work, and we’re trying to get our house that we’re building finished so we can move in and we have lots of company coming during the next month… So maybe ‘leisure’ isn’t a word I should be using… But, I like the sound of it. 😉

So, if you could write any book you wanted to right now, what would it be about? Also, we still have some slots open for the book tour, so if you’re interested in hosting me, just drop me a line! Thanks! 

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