First Snow

I had a lot to post about, but then I awoke yesterday morning to snow, and the first snow of the season pretty much takes precedence over everything else. 
Here are some things I’m thankful for about winter (even though it technically isn’t winter, since it’s snowed, I’m just acting like it is. =) 

1. Coming into a cozy, warm house after being out in the cold
2. Soups and stews and other warm food 
3. The smells: snow, chili, baking, coldness, wood-burner, smoke, coffee… 
4. The holiday season: Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus all the joy, happiness, music, visiting, memories and giving that surrounds them
5. Swinging on crisp, freezing nights and watching the stars that seem ever so bright
6. Checking the thermometer to see how cold it’s gotten 
7. Gazing at the beauty of a snow covered world
8. The sky, of course 😉 
9. Curling up under a blanket with a book
10. The changing season and all the memories that come with it
11. Seeing the animals all cozy and huddled together outside
12. Walking along our back roads with the crunching of undisturbed snow under my feet
13. Anticipating what kind of weather the next day will bring 

I hope y’all aren’t tired of my ‘thankful lists’ because I’m having a lot of fun with them! I’ve been quite overwhelmed the past while, so finding things I’m thankful for helps a lot. =)

What do you like most about snow/winter? 

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