Traveling….Again // Thankfulness

I’m heading to Pennsylvania with two of my siblings this weekend. For some reason I thought we were leaving Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. (Hint for my reasoning: The disadvantages of traveling a lot and missing out on every-day family chatter.) 
Then my sister casually mentioned yesterday afternoon that we were leaving on Friday around noon. Which is today. So yes, that means I’m a very rushed little girl. I still have a retreat going on at work, which means yikes! A good kind of yikes though, because I’m happy to be going on this trip. =) 

Gray-ness from our trip to CA last October
Today I’m thankful for: 
1. Music
2. A successful first try at making a soufflé
3. A dog that adores me
4. A road trip today with two of my amazing siblings 

5. That God has blessed me with the life I live
6. That even when I get really stressed out (like yesterday) I can still think of things to be thankful for
7. Coffee creamer. Really. I eat it by the spoonful sometimes – you should give it a try!
8. Having a family that accepts my randomness unquestioningly

What are y’all thankful for? 

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