Thankfulness // Autumn

This past month of my life has been so very, very busy. Actually, this past year of my life has been extra busy. And from what I’ve heard, the busy-ness only increases with time. Goodness! I have quite the life to look forward to I guess. =)
On the way to my adopted parents from the Creation Museum. So totally beautiful!

As of Sunday night when I arrived home at almost midnight my total amount of traveling this year now peaks over three months. Ninty-five days is my best estimate. I know of at least two more over-night trips planned, and who knows what else will pop up in the meantime?

Have I mentioned recently that I’m tremendously satisfied and thankful for my life? Not that everything is easy and that I don’t sometimes feel completely and totally overwhelmed, because I do. Over all though, it’s pretty amazing.

Shooting a cross-bow for the first time… That is a cross-bow, right? 

Thanksgiving is this month. That rocks because I like Thanksgiving a lot. Being thankful ranks pretty high on my list of necessary characteristics. Every morning when I awake up, one of the first things I do (as in as I’m pressing snooze on my alarm) is think of ten things/thank God for ten things I’m thankful for. It’s one of the coolest habits I’ve ever incorporated into my life. It’s an absolutely wonderful way to start out the day with the right mindset! (I know I’ve probably told y’all that dozens of times!)

The rest of these pictures I took on a walk this morning. 

A random list I just wrote, writing the first things that came to mind:
1. I’m thankful for gray skies
2. I’m thankful for getting caught up with letter writing
3. I’m thankful for being back with my family after being gone for 12 days
4. I’m thankful I could be with my adopted parents for a week
5. I’m thankful I got to ride Cowboy
6. I’m thankful I could go on a two mile walk today
7. I’m thankful for my amazing cousins and sisters
8. I’m thankful for my fun blogging community
9. I’m thankful for the retreat starting at work today
10. I’m thankful for paleo pancakes and sugar-free syrup

Being sick for six years gave me a lot of practice in finding things to be thankful for. It’s hard to when you’re laying in bed, listening to everyone moving around downstairs. It did make my time a lot better though when I would decide to stop feeling sorry for myself and make a list of things that I had I could be thankful for.

Oh my goodness, so I had more to say about that but I had to stop, because LOOK AT THE PICTURES! Seriously! Aren’t they totally beautiful? I can’t get over how breathtaking they are. I know some people don’t enjoy Autumn as much as I do. Ok, let’s face it, in reality there probably aren’t that many people who could. (I can just imagine the world being overrun with autumn-crazy girls who gush over blue skies and gray skies and sunny skies and rainy skies and…)

Quick sad note here: When I was in Georgia I missed out on the first snow at our place. Oh well. I got over it. I’m still pretending like it never happened. Just imagine! Snow. Yes, we have finally entered upon the snowy part of our year. Yes. Life is looking up 

Yes, this post is random and not totally what I started out to say, but it fits my mood pretty well. And now I’ve got to get busy at work!

What are y’alls favorite things about November? Or, what’s a list of things you’re thankful for? 

6 thoughts on “Thankfulness // Autumn

  1. Sarah Rudolph says:

    I'm thankful for… Family, the invention of poetry, nieces, friends, warm weather (inside the house =), What God's doing in my life, Sundays, singing, this weekend, sleep, the ability to write, autumn leaves, music… How long should I make this?

    And I'm very thankful for you!



  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the pictures. I like what you shared about thinking of ten things you're thankful for when you wake up in the morning. I want to try to make that a habit. Thanks for sharing…



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