Going Caving Part 2

Caving. Even the word sounds adventuresome. Especially since I’ve been able to do some of the delightful stuff myself. Ever since my adopted parents ( I’m going to leave out the ‘adopted’ part for the rest of the post since this one is about one of my escapades with them) made the DVD, Extreme Caving last autumn and I talked to them on the phone every night after they got out of the cave (since I wasn’t able to go along) and then wrote a book that included a cave adventure, I’ve wanted to be able to go experience it for myself. 
And then when I was at the Creation Museum (which is where they work) with them last December, they began talking about taking a group of people caving in the same cave, the Cumberland Caverns, and even spending the night in it. That sounded like so much fun. 
Guess what, y’all. I got to do it. It took a lot of work and planning (thank you so much to both my families and my co-workers!), but it happened. It weally, weally happened! And it was amazing. So much more than amazing, really. As in breathtaking. As in, I gave each of my parents probably a couple hundred hugs during the three-day period we were in the cave. As in, I couldn’t stop gushing about how stupefying everything was. To the point that it almost still seems like a dream. 
all prepared for some extreme caving

I have a lot more to tell about it, like squeezing through passageways that I couldn’t believe I could get through, and freaking out when in one of the belly-crawling passageways when the person in front of me almost got stuck, and the cool concert, and that there were people who actually brought their book for me to sign… And yes, I could go on and on, but I want to save some of this stuff for another post (or two) as well so this doesn’t get too long.

Just let me end with this: Doing something that’s out of your comfort zone is incredible. Having kids come up and thank you for writing a book is more than incredible. Experiencing the effects of dreams coming true is priceless.

 Would you/have you gone caving where you have to belly-crawl?

4 thoughts on “Going Caving Part 2

  1. Aaron Smith says:

    I can't even describe to you the attic spaces I've been in. But caves? With people stuck in front of me? Yes, of course. 🙂 Good job, that took some nerve! Right now I'm stuck in a cave, but it looks like a hotel room. Actually, it is a hotel room…yeah, David's out camping, you're out caving, and me? I'm stuck in a hotel room, cramming for a test on Saturday.

    So not right…

    (Whoa, what's this?…a hole, in the ceiling…if – if I can get my arm in just – a bit more…)

    Nope, air duct. 😉


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    My friend Sarah left a comment and I by mistake deleted it, so here I'm re-commenting it. =)

    Yep, belly crawling is fun! Looks really exciting! I would just love going caving with you!


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