This Week

Today is one of those beautiful days that makes me happy to be alive. It (don’t shun me now) makes me think of autumn. Seriously. And while I’m very glad that it’s still August (I have this thing about being happy no matter the month), this weather kinda makes me freak out a little bit with pure joy. Oh and plus we made some homemade ice cream today, so that just made the day even better. 
In the Smokey Mountains two weeks ago, pictures taken by my adopted mom

 This week. Wow, it’s crazy, crazy busy. I’m not even sure what I’m going to be able to accomplish with my writing with everything else going on, but I have this silly urge to just write, write, write. Not only is it a huge week at work, but I’m also going back to TN. this weekend to go caving with my adopted parents. Pretty cool, right? Not only do I get to go caving with them (which is a really good thing because my book that was just released in June has caving in it and I haven’t actually ever been in a cave…), but I’m also going to get to sleep out in the cave. You can’t get much cooler than that, right?
My adopted dad is going to be doing a concert in the cave, plus they’re going to be showing his caving DVD, Extreme Caving, so it will be fun!

Have you ever been caving? Did you like it? Why or why not? 

4 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Laura Ashley says:

    EEEE! I love caving, though I've only been twice. 😦 It's so much fun when you step below the surface, and that first rush of cold air hits you.. it's like you're in another world or something. And TN is so pretty… Have fun!!


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