Me, A Crazy, Old Cat Lady?

When you guys hear me talk, you don’t picture a crazy-cat-loving kind of person, do you? Cause I’m not. Really, I’m not at all. I do like cats though, some of the time. Like my cat, Clara, who I adopted from one of my sisters’ cats right after my dog died last year and I needed something to cuddle. But yeah, I’m not a cat lover. 

So, don’t ask me where the urge came from, because I have no earthly clue… But, a few weeks ago I suddenly discovered I had this distinct desire to have an indoor cat. Surprised? I was. I mean, I could totally picture a lovely little fur ball prancing around and… But yeah, I doubted it would happen, although I figured once we move (which will be hopefully happening sometime in the next six or so months), then maybe I could have a cat in my study. 
Lovely little Onomatopoeia, the adopted kitty
So I’d been having these random thoughts go through my head, and then what should happen but Clara had kittens! Alright, and to make a very long story short, I ended up with Clara and her three kittens plus a forth abandoned kitten in my room. And it’s very delightful. It’s the first time I’ve had cat/kittens in my room since I was about eight. 
Yeppers, so that’s my story. And, in case any of you are wondering what their names are (’cause that’s the first thing everyone wonders, right?), their names are: 
Coolest names ever, right? Yeah, I thought so. Which one is your favorite? Don’t they just work perfectly for a writer’s kittens? 

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