How I Write – Outline =)

To all y’all who worked on figuring out this code, you rock! Seriously, it was so much fun. Someone (my friend Sarah) even emailed me and they had it about 95% correct, and I think it was my spacing that messed her up.

Anyway, that code has a very important part to play in the second book of the Creation Quest Series. It’s so much fun when an idea suddenly clicks and you know you’ve got a good plot to work with. Plotting is quite hard for me. It’s not a strong point in my writing, but I know that I need it, so I continue on working at getting better.

Here are my stages for the creation of a book:

1. Random thoughts coming to mind throughout the day (Time period: Weeks – Years)
Goodness! Did I just come up with that on my own? 

2. Gasp, gasp, gasp, these thoughts might actually work together to create something (Time period: Days  – Months)
“Oh dear, Aidyl’s getting giddy again, she must have some good ideas…” 

3. Writing down different ideas, pretty much brainstorming to see if it will go anywhere (Time period: Days – a couple of Weeks)
“Aidyl, Aidyl, AIDYL!” “Wh-what? Is someone calling me?” “Focus! The food’s burning!”  

4. Talking to anyone who will listen (Time period: Days)
“Are you busy? Can I please just take two minutes to tell you the coolest idea you’ve ever heard? Pretty please?” 

5. Writing the plot (Time period: Day – Days)
Ugg, ugg, and ugg! How do I make point ‘c’ actually connect with point ‘g’, and wasn’t there supposed to be some kind of arch in here? Was ‘e’ or ‘f’ going to be my high point? 

6. Coming up with the character’s names (Time period: Sometimes I have the book ready for the editor before a name is finalized, sometimes a name is the very first thing that comes to mind)
Goodness, I love the name Jacy, but there’s no way I can have the FMC named that because the MMC is Josh, and those names could get confusing… So, I’ll just name her Alexis. But wait, Josh’s cousin’s name is Alex….

7. Writing the book (Time period: Week – ??? *I still have unfinished stories*)
I hope no one talks to me, I don’t want to eat, sleep or do anything besides writing! Well, of course I don’t mind telling my family my word count for the day. Oh, and music, I have been playing the same CD for the past three days and totally don’t even notice it… Arrrr! I’ve written so much I can’t stand the thought of typing out another word on my computer. How would everyone like a feast for supper? 

8. Reading through the book (Time period: Hours – Days)
Wow, I actually wrote that? I seriously don’t remember that part at all. 

9. My editing…. And then have family/friends read it and let me know if it’s worthwhile, and then more editing, and more editing (Time period: Months – Years)
This is good. I’m getting better. It’s even kinda fun. Please, please read this and tell me honestly and nicely what you think. And can you maybe hurry? … Goodness, I’m so sick and tired of this book I never want to see it again! 

10. Sending it to my editor, he’ll edit a chapter, send it back, I’ll make corrections on the next chapter and send it back to him, etc… (Time period: Generally a week or two for every chapter)
Oh, good point there, Editor!… Ah, yes, I agree with you…. No way!… You’re totally wrong, but I know you have more experience than me, so fine… No, No, No! You can’t ruin my book by telling me that… Ok, yes, you’re right… Ugg, can’t we just hurry and get this over with? …. Nice comment! … Thank you, kind sir! 

11. After I get the whole book back from it’s first edit done by my editor, I go through all of it then send it back to him. He sends it back and if we still have any problems we’ll go from there (Time period: Generally a couple of weeks)
Wowzers, this thing is really coming together! … This is so, so cool! … I’m thrilled to be almost done because I’m so sick of reading the same words over and over. 

12. Working with the illustrator to figure out which drawings go where (Time period: Different every time)
“These are my thoughts, here are some pictures, these are the parts where the pictures will be… Have fun!” Gasp, you’re good!

pictures taken by my adopted mom

13. Working with graphic artist on cover (Time period: Different every time)
Oh my lands, it’s really happening!… This is it. … Ok, so I like this idea, but not that one… 

14. Going through the proof copy of the book to make sure it’s right, generally doing this two or so times (Time period: A couple of weeks)
“Um, these two words are switched around.” “The illustration is actually on page 21, not 12.” “Can we make this a different size?” 

15. The book getting released, doing book signings, living happily ever after (Time period: I could either say for “forever” or I could say “never” it just depends on how you view ‘happily ever after’!)
Dancing, singing for joy, hugging the book (don’t tell, but I actually kissed my book, too), checking to make sure it’s all there and whole. Sleeping with it in bed next to you. Showing it to everyone you meet. Just about dying for joy every time you here someone say they are or have read it… And they liked it!

And just saying, I’m guessing the steps and/or order of the steps are different for every writer. And one last thing: Tons of prayer goes into each step!

So, which step do you like the best? Which is your least favorite? OR, what sounds like the most fun/least fun to you? 

2 thoughts on “How I Write – Outline =)

  1. Ashley says:

    I love brainstorming and writing the best. I really, really loved this post. It makes we want to go write my heart out! Keep up the great work, Aidyl! 🙂


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