Little Things // Having Fun

Waking up to the sound of birds singing is just about the best feeling ever. Well, I think so anyway. Birds are so beautiful. The colors flashing by as they go flying high in the air, the warbling of their songs on still evenings, the tilt of their head as they’re trying to figure stuff out. When was the last time you just stopped and listened to them? Just let yourself enjoy their loveliness.

What about flowers? When was the last time you allowed yourself to dance through a field, collecting the breathtaking blossoms that bloom this time of summer? Every year I’m astonished when my memory isn’t disappointed at the thousands of flowers arrayed in our hay fields. If you don’t have hay fields, surely you can find someplace that has flowers. Don’t you think it would make you feel better and happier if you went and soaked in their beauty?

I’m a great believer in enjoying the small things in life. I find that I often say “Have fun” as a closing remark in a conversation. I thought about it, wondering how it comes across to people, because I don’t mean “Go and do something that’s fun” what I mean is “Whatever you’re about to do, find a way to make it fun” because really, having a good attitude makes just about anything better. And yes, of course I have to be working on this too, but I do think I have more fun with life than the average person my age. I have more fun because I find enjoyment in the little things. Because I make every-day-sistuations fun. Just think about it, would you have more fun scrubbing the floor if you were simply scrubbing it, or would you have more fun if you were racing with yourself? Or if you were pretending you were erasing a secret message before the ‘bad guys’ found it? Or if you were the one leaving the secret message to be found? Seriously, think of all the different ways you could come up to make a normal and average job more enjoyable? 
pictures taken by my adopted mom =)

 The Bible says “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it”. What are you doing to make your days more fun?

10 thoughts on “Little Things // Having Fun

  1. Debra McKellan says:

    I love this.

    Although ever since I was awoken early one morning to what I can only describe as The Bird's Early Show, and they were in deep conversation outside my window, I don't appreciate them as much anymore. lol


  2. Sarah Rudolph says:

    I've found interesting ways to make things fun by imagining too. I don't hear birds that much here, but I hear frogs and mice. I trying to imagine what the mice above the ceiling right above my bed are doing scurrying here and there. “What are they arguing about this time =)?”

    The other day my nephew Micah decided he wanted to clean up the floor were he spilled something and his mom said something like “Wow Micah, that's so nice that you wanted to clean that up!” He happily said, “I am not building my house on the sand.” There may not be much connection between the two things, but he definitely was thinking about why he was cleaning it up.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the birds. I sleep in my window sill (my head in my sill, my body on my bed) simply because I got awoke by them in the morning. It's so lovely. 🙂 Good post.



  4. Anonymous says:

    In June in Ohio the birds start singing LOUDLY at 5:00 a.m. I love hearing them and feel like I've missed the best part of the day when I sleep in.
    Thanks for the beautiful descriptions. Love your blog.


  5. Silent Reader says:

    Pardon me, but I don't understand what “adopted mom” means. If it's not a bother, could you explain??

    ~A confused reader


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