1 Day!!! (My Story, Part 1)

(SO, I wasn’t planning on writing this. It just suddenly came out. Actually, I’ve written almost 4,000 words and am not done with the story yet. For all of you who have been waiting to hear it, enjoy! I’m leaving now so I don’t have time to edit it, but I hope y’all leave a comment and tell me what you think… OH yes, and for today, since there’s only one day left, I’m showing you a very special picture…. My book cover!!!!)

Y’all! Deep breath, deep breath! Only ONE single little day left until the release of my book. Yikes! Doesn’t that sound like reason enough to gasp and shutter and sigh and gulp and run around wild in the rain outside? Well, actually I’m not running in the rain because thunder and lightening are accompanying it, but before the thunder and lightening stopped by for a visit, I was out there in the rain. Swinging though, not running. 
I’m rambling more than I have for a while, aren’t I? I’m just in a rambling mood today I guess. It’s a good thing to, because *aaaagggggggg!!!!!!* I’m getting a book published! Ok, I know that was random. 
There has been so much work pored into this book. Years of my life have been spent learning to write. Years of my life have been spent studying Christian apolgetics. And do you know what the cool thing is? I wasn’t even studying AiG stuff with the thought of writing a book, at least not for the first while. I read and watched and listened to hours upon hours of stuff because I loved it. I would soak it in just because I wanted to. Then, suddenly I realized that I could help other kids learn the same things, yet at younger ages if I would write kids books using the information I had gleaned. So, I began researching it even more, this time with a bigger purpose than just learning it for myself. 
There were a couple story ideas I started, or else just plotted in my mind that had to do with Creation, but none of them really took off. That was fine with me. I just kept writing because I’m a writer and that’s what writers do. And I kept learning. I don’t consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination, and if someone were to ask me a question there’s a good chance that my brain would freeze and my mind would go blank. That’s why the book was co-authored. My adopted parents do know a lot about creation, and even if they don’t consider themselves experts (which they might, I don’t know…), I DO consider them experts… And there a writing team, a writing family was born. 
Last September I was talking with my parents (not my adopted ones), and I was telling them how totally overwhelmed I felt with all the writing projects I had going on. I had like three series and several individual books that I wanted to be writing, and I didn’t know what to do first. I seriously felt like I was swimming out in the ocean and at times I could just barely see the shore, but I was working so hard to keep my head above the water that I wasn’t making any progress toward my destination. Just treading water. 
I asked them what they thought I should do? My daddy said to focus on the creation books, naming several reasons why he thought that would be best at the time. I agreed with him and promptly stopped doing everything else that had been keeping me back, except the bare minimum to keep going on some projects that could be set aside mostly, but not altogether. 
And I worked on the creation books. Hours and hours were spent writing. Hours and hours were spent watching AiG material and taking notes. Hours and hours were spent talking/texting my adopted parents, going over every fine little detail. 
One time my little sister (who loves reading) came in and asked me for something to read. I handed her my computer with my newly finished creation book and told her to enjoy. She came back a half an hour later and asked if I had anything interesting to read. Oh well. Thankfully my book has undergone revisions since then. 
But it worked. It really worked. I finally had a creation book that was at least somewhat ready. Actually, I had six of them, each around 10,000 words long. Those were the presents I gave to my family and adopted parents for Christmas (Merry Christmas everyone! Please, read these and give me feedback as soon as possible!) I was thrilled beyond words when my adopted parents read them and not only liked them, but pretty much REALLY liked them. 
I mean, can you imagine how nerve wracking it was to write a book where my adopted parents were two of the main characters? I kept thinking “What if they don’t see themselves this way?” or “What if they don’t want to have done such and such a thing?” But they liked it. They liked it! So therefore I could rest in peace again (not like RIP, but you know, sleep the whole night through). 
And then came a couple weeks of not being able to do anything on the books, because I didn’t know anything else that I could do on the. I was in the process of editing Where Dandelions Grow  with my editor, and that took up a lot of my time. 
I kept trying to find a time that I could go stay with my adopted parents though so we could go through the book together in person and find and make any changes that needed to be made so I could send it off to my editor. We were crazy busy though, and so were my adopted parents, so a few more weeks slipped by before I suddenly felt this overwhelming sense of “Oh my lands! If we don’t get this book done really soon, it’s going to be months before we can move forward on it!” So, I brought up the subject with my parents at dinner one night when my family was discussing picking up one of my cousins who lives near my adopted parents. 
You know, like, “Hey, why don’t you just take me to my adopted parent’s and drop me off there for a few days?” So, there was one big drawback, and that was that we were in the middle of kidding season and it would mean way more work for Mariah (little sis who loves reading as mentioned up there^), and David (my bro who co-owns the goats with me). So much work in fact, that after I asked if I could go and Mom had said yes if it was alright with David and Mariah, I told them never mind because I realized how hard it would be for them. 
Then I left to go up and milk the goats. We had been having a leisurely dinner so everyone else was still sitting around when I left for the barn. A few minutes later Mariah and David arrived to do their part of the goats. When I left the table David had been pretty tired looking because let’s face it, that guy works way too hard. But when he got up to the barn, he and Mariah were laughing and in a great mood. He gave me a great big hug and asked me something like “How are you feeling?” Huh? Somehow, just from the way they were acting I got this happy feeling that maybe something good was about to happen… Like maybe they had…?

11 thoughts on “1 Day!!! (My Story, Part 1)

  1. David H says:

    Ok, Here goes, here's my first comment, maybe on any blog, ever. gasp.

    I'm SO Excited, and SO Proud of YOU!

    I can't wait to see you tomorrow, wish I were there today. I enjoyed reading your post today, I know this is bad, but I read like 2/3rds of your post and thought “I just want to comment here, and say how proud I am of her”… then after I started writing I was like “I should really read the rest to see if there's anything that I need to read before I post my comment”… I didn't even know that you had written about me when I started writing here.

    I'm new to this commenting-on-blogs-thing, how long can I write before I run out of room, or you ban me? 😉

    It's amazing to look back, and remember all the hours that I saw(or heard:) you watching AIG vids, and reading, and learning and researching creation, and like you said -Apologetics, and now seeing how it has worked together so perfectly in God's masterpiece.

    I love you, …and I'll say it in front of however many people happen to read this! 😉


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Awww, Brovid! (Bro + David, to anyone who wonders) Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I love you and am so glad that you left a comment! And yeah, you've always been crazy good for me and my writing. =)


  3. David Mabe says:

    I enjoyed this. I'm also glad you have a picture of the original cover. In your more recent posts, you've referred to the title being changed but I never knew what the original title was. 🙂


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