My World Of Writing

I haven’t been posting much about writing on here this month, and that’s kinda getting to me. You see, I really (super-duperly) like writing, it’s my passion. It’s something that consumes a lot of my thoughts and time. It’s what I do, because, well, I’m a writer. Hopefully that didn’t shock you.

And, while I haven’t been writing about writing, I have been posting about being sick, which is something I try not to focus my thoughts and time on. So yeah, of course I’m going to continue doing the A to Z challenge, but I’m so happy that I can do whatever I want to for today!

Recently I’ve gotten several pretty promising ideas for new books. I haven’t done anything with them (though I really should write down the basic outline!), because I’m swamped. Yep, you heard me. I have so much going on with my writing I can’t even keep up. I know, I shouldn’t have that problem yet!

Here’s what I’m doing with my writing, in no particular order:

1. 100/100 challenge – I write at least 100 words every day on (the same) WIP. I’ve been doing this for over seven months and am thrilled with it. It insures I get at least a little bit done each day, even when I’m way busy.

2. Noveltea – My blog. You guys, I am having so much fun doing my blog right now! Not only am I just posting regular posts, but I’m also doing the…

3. A to Z Challenge – Tackling a hard subject that I’ve been putting off writing about for a while now. Some day I’m hoping to write a fictional book where the main character has Lyme Disease. I’m doing the A to Z Challenge to help me begin writing about it and get comfortable with it. It’s a lot harder than you would imagine!

4. Editing Where Dandelions Grow – I actually have the first edit back from my editor, am working on that, and then need to send it back to him for the final edit.

5. KCB – Sadly, I can’t really share any of this with you yet, because I need more time. This is what has been taking most of my writing time. Here’s one think I can tell you about it: It. Is. So. Exciting. 

So, what have you been doing with your writing (or points of interest for you non-writers), recently?

3 thoughts on “My World Of Writing

  1. Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ says:

    Hi, Aidyl! 🙂

    Sounds like you've got some excitement ahead of you on the writing road. I love that feeling! 🙂

    I'm working on a sort of fantasy/adventure/kind of medieval-themed novel called “The Scarlet Princesses.” 🙂

    Keep on writing! 🙂 We're writers, and writers WRITE.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Good job with all the work – that's awesome! I feel so lazy with writing. In six years I've never taken a “break” or let “writers block” (which I don't really believe in) take over. But I feel so down about writing. 😦 My brain feels dead. Maybe it's everything going on. I'm going to take my ACT soon, we're going to be planting our garden which is a huggee task, and there's still Spring Cleaning yet ahead which is not anything to look forward to. I AM getting my other book reformatted for Kindle. Oh well, enough about me. Congrats to you on all the exciting writing projects!



  3. Tamara Woods says:

    I'm doing the A to Z as well. I'm also working on getting my book cover together for my first collection of poetry. I've started vlogging, which is fun, but scary. I've got a WIP that I need to start writing on daily. And I'm looking for new freelance contracts. Good luck with your writing ventures!



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