Leaving Oahu and Yummy Food ;)

Today we leave the beautiful island of Oahu and head on over to Maui. You see, the reason we came here in the first place is because we have a business conference in Maui. It’s actually an awards trip, so it will be a lot of fun. 
(For everyone who’s new and/or forgot: We have a family business that we’re all involved in.) 

So, I’m just going to be posting random pictures of the food we ate, because the foods really cool
I’m excited about having ‘all of our guys’ arrive. We’ll be having about 100 people from our group at the conference. There will be other people who have won the trip too, but I’m most excited about the guys who work for our business, because we know all of them personally.  
It’s a coconut milk, ginger soup. SO GOOD!
Things are going to be pretty busy. My dad’s the CEO of our business, and my oldest brother is the president, so our family has a lot of responsibility. The fun kind though, for this trip. Pretty much we’ll just be hanging out with everyone, making sure they have a spectacular time. 
Upside-down picture. What can I say? Other than I was leaning across the table trying to get good pictures of all the food while everyone else was eager to dig in and begin eating. 

 Since things are going to be busier, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post, but I do plan on continuing the A to Z challenge at least. Annnddd… The rest of the post will just be pic. =) Enjoy!

Iced coffee
Fried bananas and ice cream 
Some kind of frozen dessert 

One day we went to a place with little grills on each table and got to cook our own food!
The food I cooked myself. Such a fun treat!

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