F is for Family

My A to Z Challenge for 2013 has the cool theme of being chronically ill. It’s going to be fun, so stick around! 

F is for Family

My family. How in the world could I have ever done this without them? How would I keep going day after day without my family who prays for me. Without…
My dad who encourages me, spends big (huge!) bucks on vitamins and doctors, and helps me see the bright side of life. He’s amazing at listening. And he believes in me. 
My mom who spends tons of time talking to/emailing/researching doctors and then taking me on trips out of state just to make sure I get the best possible care. Who lets me cry and gives me hugs. Who goes out of her way to make sure I feel valued. 
How could I do it without my siblings who aren’t home any more, but are still thoughtful and encouraging when I see them? Or the siblings who are still at home:
David, who’s able to understand more than most people and has amazing patience… Especially with the goats. Who has long, deep conversations with me, and yet is ok when I just feel like going to be alone in my room. 
Helena, who has stepped up and taken an extra load on days (or recently months) when I’m not able to do my work. Who gives me compliments and works hard at helping me feel loved. Somehow she has mastered the art of knowing just what to say and when. Plus, she doesn’t make me feel bad when I can’t work. That’s a huge thing. 
Johanna, who will sometimes come in my room at night and watch a movie with me, or else dine on a hamburger (with tons of onions and lettuce instead of a bun!) late at night after everyone else is asleep. Oh yes, and who has so many good jokes. 
Mariah. Folks, this little sister of mine (who is waaayyy taller by now), has being doing the goats for me so often in the past couple of weeks (these have been bad weeks for me), that I’ve lost count. I can’t thank her enough for the times she’s headed up to the goat barn to do the milking. Or the times she’s taken over cooking for me (in reality I’ve barely cooked for several months now…), or the other jobs she’s done. Really, she deserves a big round of applause. 
Moses. Guys, he’s the best little bro in the world. Always there to give me a pick up and a smile (Really. Earlier today I was trying to see how a dress fit me, I couldn’t see the bottom half in the mirror, so Moses asked me if he should pick me up so I could see it. I was like, no thanks! It did make me laugh though!). He’s also amazing at going on little errands for me and helping with Novel. 
Plus, my adopted parents. They’ll text me just to brighten my day… And it works. They let me talk, talk, talk to them on the phone and are always asking how I’m doing. How I’m really doing. They make time for me and pray for me. When I’m at their house, they let me curl up on the coach and sleep all day if I need to. 
So there you have it, peoples. Not only do I have one totally amazing family, but I have two of them! And I’m so thankful for them and love them all so very much. Thank you, family! 

7 thoughts on “F is for Family

  1. Anonymous says:

    I knew I was going to like this post and I do! Moses story made me smile, Oh dear Mariah she is such a hard worker.
    Love u,


  2. Tayla says:

    Your family sounds so nice 🙂 your little siblings must be adorable!
    A good support system is a help through any challenge, it looks like you have got the perfect one (not to mention your blogging support system! We're here for you too!)


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