A is for About me

{My A to Z Challenge for 2013 has the cool theme of being chronically ill. It’s going to be fun, so stick around!}


A is for About Me 

A. This was a hard letter to choose a word for. I wanted to go for attitude or adventure, because both of those words play a huge part in my life. In the end though I figured it would be best if I gave you a little glimpse of who I am. 
Actually, most anyone who gets on my blog can figure that out pretty quickly, I’m a writer who’s very passionate. I’m passionate about writing, about goals, about doing great things, about serving God, about life in general. Oh yeah, and I live in the old hay loft a barn. 
What this about me is really about, is why I choose the topic I did. I have had Lyme Disease (and a host of other co-infections) for almost six years now. I haven’t really mentioned that on Noveltea, because I’m someone who really can’t stand whining and I didn’t want anyone to mistakenly think that I’m actually whining! *Gasp* So yeah, just keep that in mind. I don’t feel sorry for myself. Not that that’s always been the case, though. 
Another little tid-bit. Lyme Disease is a very difficult to understand disease. I was sick for five years and got all sorts of tests done by different doctors before it was finally diagnosed (less than a year ago). Since then I’ve tried to study up on it some, but it seems like every one and every doctor has a different idea of what Lyme Disease actually is. Some doctors deny it even exists! Since I have a mom who’s very medically inclined, I just let her do the research for me. =) 
So yeppers, that’s about it.
(Ok, so I’m really trying to figure out what word to use, because I’m not accustomed to going around saying that I’m ‘ill’ or ‘sick’, so if you have any ideas, feel free to pass them on!)

9 thoughts on “A is for About me

  1. Sopphey Vance says:

    I came over from Aubrey's blog and am I'm looking forward to your posts. I think that your A is all for you, attitude, AND adventure because you're on a great path for awesome writing. 🙂


  2. Yolanda Renee says:

    Studying your illness is key and being open the herbal/organic route that Rebecca mentions is also sage advice.

    Nice to learn about you — I call my whining, 'bitch-in' — I do it in letters to family — they get a big kick out of it — causes much laughter!

    Be well!


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