21 Before 21 Update

Right now I have exactly 191 days, zero hours, 22 minutes and 10 seconds until I have to be done with my ’21 before 21′ list. Therefore I thought I’d give you a little update on how things are going. 

1. Walk 100 miles (not all at once)
Yeah, I’m guessing I’ve done about 25 or so miles… I’ve not kept the best track. 


2. Get Where Dandelions Grow publishedMy editor is done with the whole first edit, I just have to compile it, make changes, and get it back to him. Since I’m planning on self-publishing, I’m on time (although I would have been further ahead if it hadn’t been for my computer crashing).

3. Host a writing contest on my blog {Compeleted between 2-11-13 through 3-6-13: See it herehere,herehere, and here.}
Finished! Yea!!!

4. Work up to 1,000 words of quality writing in a 15 minute time period
Finished! I only did it once, yet still, that’s all that I needed. I still plan on working on this goal though. 

5. Put marbles (etc…) in a jar that count out until I’m 26 {it’s an inside thing}Haven’t done this yet. 

6. Read 30 non-fiction books
Well, I didn’t start keeping track right away, but I know I have at least three books that I’ve read. This has been a slow reading month for me. 

7. Write at least 100 words on my TGS WIP every day
And… So far I’ve done it! I’m going to keep doing it, too!


8. Find an artist for my creation books

Finished! I hope to tell you more about these books later on.

9. Go to Hawaii

We should be leaving in twenty days. Eeek!

10. Read 3 books about WW2 

One book down, two to go. I plan on reading two of them this next week.

11. Re-write Star Glow 
I got a lot of it accomplished. Maybe around a half of it. 

12. Get two of my books for sale in print
I’m working on it! I have a box full of one books all ready to be released… Just some logistics to work out. 

13. Find a solid answer for my JM book
In the process of that right now. Emailing back and forth with ‘them’.

14. Get my drivers license
Um, let’s not go there… 

15. Have five published authors gust post/be interviewed on my blog {Feb. 25March 13March 19,}
Three down, two to go. And I’ve got some ideas of who I want those two to be… =) I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. (You can give me some ideas, too!)

16. Get a first draft written for my goals for the next five years


This, my friends, takes a lot more time and thought than you probably realize. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself! But yes, I’ve been working on it.

17. Read 2 books about Lyme Disease {Completed 2-2-13}
Finished! And I discovered that I’m not really into reading books about Lyme Disease… Who would have guessed? 

18. Reach 75,000 words in this years’ journal

Right now I’m at 23,878 words. Pretty much on schedule. 

19. Write down amazing things I’ve done, at least 101 things {Completed during the first week of February, 2013}

Finished! That was a fun list to write, I should go back and read it again some time.

20. Track my food for 100 days
I think I’m about half way though with that, which is good since we haven’t had 100 days yet. 

21. Write 2 in depth character sketches {Completed 2-2-13 = TGS: Nicolette & Raquel}

All in all, I’m very happy with where I am, and where I’m headed… If you have a ’21 before 21′ (for any age) page like this on your blog, leave me a link and I’ll be happy to check it out! 
By the way, I know I’m behind in some things, but hopefully I’ll have them ironed out before long…
And just one more quick thing before I go, a couple of weeks ago I posted this post, and asked you to pass on the news if you felt like it… I want to say a big Thank You to Sierra from over at Keep Growing Beautiful, for re-blogging it. Thanks, Sierra! 

5 thoughts on “21 Before 21 Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great goals, and so exciting to see you completing so many! I will be getting my temps this month or next, so I am excited. Scared to fail – I have never driven a thing, and sometimes it's hard to picture things. But I think I'll be OK. 😉



  2. Rachel Danielle says:

    This is the coolest idea! I seriously wanna consider doing something like this before my next birthday. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, ^I agree. Jealous! I hope you'll have loads of fun though!


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