A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words Link Up – 001 The Statue

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I wrote this story this evening. It was rather hard because my mind took so many different channels during the writing. Keep in mind it’s not polished. If any of y’all wrote a story of your own, you can add it to the linky at the bottom. If you don’t have a blog, you can email me it; I’d be delighted to read it. 

The Statue 

Most people don’t even notice them. They’re just a part of the city. A way of life. There’s so many different things to look at, all the grander and stunning buildings. From the crooked brick designs on the road to the different shades of stone used on the buildings. It all blends together to confuse people, to hid the real purpose of the statues. 
Yet I see them. Every day when I pass by. Try as I might, I can’t keep my eyes from drifting upward. And even when night has cloaked the horse and rider in darkness, I can still picture it in my mind. Every little detail. You see, they aren’t just normal statues, they aren’t the common beautifying pieces that people imagine them to be. No, they’re more, much more than that. The key they hold opened many doors. That’s why their secret must be guarded so carefully. 
Do you remember the story of Paul Revere? Of course you do, every good American child knows his tale. You know he was a silversmith, correct? Does the name Richard Dummer ring a bell for you? He was an attorney by trade, and emigrated to Massachusetts as a young man. His son, Jeremiah was the first American-born silversmith; his brother-in-law was Paul’s father’s apprentice.
What most history books fail to mention is that although Richard was a attorney, he was as equally skilled in silver as any full time silversmith, maybe even more so. It was a secret trade though. A trade that wasn’t revealed because if it had been he would have been in danger. Aye, even his life would have been at stake. 
You see, those statues, they’re silver, well, part silver anyway. No one seems to know that, either. And they were casted by Richard Dummer. After his normal, daily job was over he would disappear into tunnels that weaved their way under the crooked brick streets to a highly (for the time) sophisticated workshop where he would then commence working until his eyes were so tired he could barely keep going. 
At last the time came when he would be able to do more in the new American colonies, and so he emigrated. 
I can’t tell you everything, that would be betrayal. I will tell you though that if you were to see the statues up close, you would notice ciphers that depict many secrets, most of which even I don’t know about.
My favorite of all of Richard’s tale’s took place in the small country of Glendale. There had been a rift in the royal family. After many years of being childless, great rejoicing had taken over when twins were born. Two girls who were identical in every outward form. Now, as they were nearing adulthood, a crisis had been reached. No one knew which fair maiden was the rightful heir; they needed a determining factor. 
Without telling anyone, King Carlos of Glendale met with Richard (who was a well-known attorney, remember?) and asked his help. Richard gave King Carlos a stack of volumes containing the history of many European countries. The volumes were thick and rather tedious to read through, yet Richard instructed King Carlos to give both of his daughters free access to the books, and to ask them to read the history they contained… Yet not to force them to.
With some misgivings, King Carlos did so. After several months, Richard contacted the king and told him to send his daughters, Elsa and Clara, on a trip to Eden-shire, which, unknown to King Carlos, was the city in which the statues were housed. 
Richard knew that if either of the young lady’s was fit to be leader they would desire to learn as much about their country and the surrounding ones as possible. Hidden within the pages of the manuscripts he had given them were clues that would lead an observant reader to the Castle of De’Baue, the building on which the statues were mounted. 
The girls traipsed up and down the roads of Eden-shire for several days before Clara chanced to look up. Watching from his attorney’s office window, Richard nodded in satisfaction, knowing that before the period of a week had passed, King Carlos would know which one of his daughters was to rule. 
Late that night, as had happened in the pages of history which she had read, Princess Clara entered the Castle of De’Baue, and with silent footsteps mounted the winding staircase nestled within the olden walls. When she at last emerged on the roof, she made her way quickly to where the statue stood, and then by the light of the moon read the inscription written on the horses left hoof. 

The words to the riddle claimed much of her thought throughout the next few days, but as instructed by history, she didn’t utter the words out loud to anyone. 
I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all, To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball. What am I? 
Soon it was time for Richard to meet with King Carlos again. After telling him the riddle, he added one last instruction: Whichever girl knew the answer to the riddle without being told the riddle itself, that was who would become the next queen. 
After hosting a banquet and inviting all the lords and ladies of Glendale, King Carlos stood up and asked his daughters if they had anything the had learned from their journey. At first, neither of them said anything. Then slowly, Clara arose and bowed her head slightly to the people. 
“There is a riddle I learned while away. The answer to it is the same answer which I would give if you were to ask me what I am supposed to try and protect as your next queen. What we are each to prepare for. The answer, my people, is the future.” 
The picture for the next story! Think outside the box and enjoy!


12 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words Link Up – 001 The Statue

  1. Sierra says:

    I will try to enter…if I can get around to writing something. It's a cool idea 🙂 Just the picture and 1000-1500 right? (I'm going to come back and read the story, I didn't have time at the moment)


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Hey Sarah Elizabeth, my idea is to see how many different views people can get off of the same picture, so it would be great if you could use the picture I chose. (I'm not sure if that sounds harsh or not… I'd still like to read any story you write, but it wouldn't exactly go with the linking…)

    However, I will say that I'm quite happy if you want to either comment with a link to a picture that you choose, or else email it to me, and maybe we can use it next week!


  3. Anonymous says:

    This looks quite fun, and I enjoyed your story – especially the beginning. 🙂 Perhaps if I write one, I shall email it to you. You're sweet to read and comment. 🙂 Can we do the second pic and skip the first, or do them both?



  4. Sierra says:

    I had read most of the previous post that you did on this idea and got half way through the story but wasn't able to finish. I think it's a great idea though 😀 I just forgotten the 1000 words thing somehow…


  5. Arlette Geuf says:

    I really like the idea Aidyl. I'm going to try and go about doing the next one with the suitcases! So the linky in the post is for the current story right? So if I want to link up for the next one, I'll add it once that post is up?

    Oh and I saw that now for example there is one link added, would it be possible that we see the links too, would be cool to read everyone's stories 🙂


  6. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Hey Arlette!

    It would be great if you joined up… And yes, you're right about this link being for the picture with the story, and next week I'll do it for the suitcases.

    I *thought* that everyone would be able to see the link… I'm not sure what happened, I'll have to google it or something. If you have any suggestions, I would be delighted to hear them.



  7. Laura Camp says:

    Hi Aidyl!

    Maybe you could use another linky? There's one called linkytools.com. I've never used it before, but maybe it'd be easier to use? I'm not sure. Just a thought. 🙂

    God bless!


  8. Sierra says:

    So sorry Aidyl, I just didn't come up with the time or a good idea to go with this picture. I didn't feel that inspired I guess. However I already have most of a story for the next picture written. Definitely next time!


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