Six Months! // Introducing TGS


Six months.

One hundred and eighty one days.

September 10th, 2012 through March 10, 2013.

Every single one of those days I’ve written at least 100 words in my WIP (work in progress), TGS (name not announced yet). This is a huge stepping stone for me. Writing everyday was something I really needed to get in the habit of doing, and Miss Stephanie’s challenge helped me to get started, and momentum has kept me going.

I wrote 63,249 words on TGS in the past six months. Actually, I recently deleted around 2,000 words by mistake, so that was a big bummer. And of course that isn’t my word count for everything, just of that WIP.

As a sort of celebration, I thought I’d share a few snippets that I like from TGS. Here’s a little background, Nicolette and Raquel are identical twin princesses, next in line to the throne in the land of Kios. They take turns telling the story in first person… Enjoy!


“Girls.” When he didn’t complete the thought, nor shed any more light onto why he uttered that one word, I finally broke the quietness.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Girls. They’re all like that.”
“Please keep in mind that you’re talking to one right now.” I raised my eyebrows a bit. “And I still don’t know what you’re talking about?”
“No offense meant, Princess. I’m simply pointing out the common fact that it’s not unusual for someone of your gender to be in a strange mood which has no explanation.”
After glancing around to make sure no one was watching, I wrinkled my nose at him.
“You’re not included in that generalization, I’m sure you realize.” Hardly even trying to mask the smirk that twisted his features, he gave me a little bow. “You’re far to even headed to have an inexplainable mood.”


“The capital of Pyria is Krome. The main dialect of Turglar is Tibit. Horses were held as the most honored beast in Brock for two centuries, recently loosing their place to the donkey whom they have learned how to breed for strength and endurance.” Nicolette began rattling off information, the only sure way to keep Teah from asking us more questions. When Nicolette stopped to take a breath, I jumped in.

“Dogs are common household pets in our fair country of Kios, although Pyria is known to eat them in a delicious stew, but only on New Year’s Day. Which, by the way, they celebrate ten days after we do. Captain Phillip the First was the best known sailor of the known world. He died of old age, although some claim it was indigestion.”


“Raquel, you can’t leave now, you didn’t tell me how your time with Father went.”

I could tell that Nicolette’s patience was beginning to wear thin with my unsettled ways. “Well, why don’t you go on a walk with me then?” Raising one eyebrow, I prepared for a stare down.
“You know that’s impossible!”
Lowering her brows in typical Nicolette fashion, she didn’t disappoint. A moment later we were locked in each others stares. From pervious experience I knew this could last for quite a while. Teah often bemoans the extreme stubbornness of our natures, but other times she tells us it will do Kios good to have such firm leaders.


I could tell that something was bothering Raquel. It was as plain as the stars on a cold, cloudless winter night.

9 thoughts on “Six Months! // Introducing TGS

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is a great accomplishment, Aidyl! Most people in other occupations go to work everyday, and so should we! And I love your writing. Your dialogue is very real. 🙂



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