Update On Where Dandelions Grow

Peoples! I’m having a lot of fun reading your answers and voting on the polls. Keep up the good work. =) 

So, right now I’m working on getting Where Dandelions Grow edited. This is actually the first time that the editor I have now, and I have worked together. (My previous editor -who was great- got too busy, so he worked it out so that my current editor, a co-worker of his, and I are working together now.) 

Let me tell you, my editor is amazing! I am having so much fun working with him! Whenever I get an update from him, it’s like the highlight of my day. It’s so incredibly exciting to see a book {my book!} coming together. Plus, it’s kinda funny seeing questions a guy has when he reads Where Dandelions Grow. Very much of a different perspective.

So, I thought I’d give you just a little sneak peak of what I sent him today. If you don’t know who the people are, you can just check out the page up there ^.
(Disclaimer: this is still unedited.) 

I gave the girl in front of the counter a smile. “Yes? How may I help you?” 
“You’re Lexie’s cousin, right?” She was tiny. Short, petite and had a mass of curly blonde hair. 
“I’ve heard so much about you!” The girl actually came around the counter and gave me a hug. That’s not what I was expecting. 
“So, you know all about me, but who are you?” 
“How rude of me!” The girl clasped her hands and held them under her chin. “I always forget that there are people here who don’t know who I am.”
How conceited could someone get? She didn’t look like the bratty kind, but then again, sometimes it’s hard to tell.
“That didn’t come out right!” She giggled. “Alright let me start again.” Holding out her hand she introduced herself, with a very serious expression on her face. “Hello. I’m Felicity Moor. Do you by any chance happen to be Lexie Clark’s cousin?” 
Shaking her hand, I gave affirmation. “Yes.” 
“It’s so good to meet you. I’m in charge of the theater in Sparrow Ridge. Lexie mentioned that you always had a great imagination and might want to try out for a part. If you’re interested, you can just let me know.” She handed me a business card, and then fell back into her bubbly and giggly mood. 
“Lots of people really don’t know what to think of me when we first meet. ‘Never meet a stranger’ that’s my life motto.” She survived the baked goods in the class case, then pointed to one of the triple chocolate cakes. “Can I have a slice of that, please?” 
I seriously doubted the wisdom of her having any caffeine (or sugar!), but since it wasn’t my place to tell her so, I just served her the piece all the time wondering how much Lexie hung out with her. I knew it couldn’t be that often, seeing how I had been in Sparrow Ridge for several weeks and had just now met her. It was tiring just being around her. 
“When it comes to chocolate, go all the way.” Felicity took the first bite of her cake and sighed with delight. “That’s another one of my life mottos.” 
“Um, that’s nice.” I handed her an extra napkin and the closed the cash register. 
“Did you get the new shipment in yet?” She had devoured half the cake by this time, and was still dancing from foot to foot right in front of me. 
“Sure. You can ask Kate about it. I think she’s already stocked the shelves with the new books.” 
“Oh my word! The days when you have new books are like the best days of my life. ‘A life without books is like a room without windows.’” She gave a dramatic gesture that nearly sent the last bite of her cake flying onto the floor. “That’s a quote, but I think it’s more accurate to say ‘A life without books is like a world without color. Or candy. Or music.’” Here she stopped to eat the last of her cake. “Another one of my life mottos.” 
Ok, so how many life motto’s did this girl have? Nothing against Felicity, but I think I actually breathed one of those dramatic sighs when she finally left the building. The girl was just so full of energy she made me feel like a sloth while she was a cheetah on steroids. 

One thought on “Update On Where Dandelions Grow

  1. Anonymous says:

    ” The girl was just so full of energy she made me feel like a sloth while she was a cheetah on steroids.”
    Great job! Keep up the good work. I am my own editor myself, where I do the main, and then hand it off to quite a few people I have enlisted as proof readers. I do enjoy editing at times! 🙂
    But I know how exciting it is, cause I get that way my own self when I hear back from readers!
    Hope it comes together soon! And I love the title. <3



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