Dream List Explained

To all of you who have snow: Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve been enjoying taking walks down our road (which has very little traffic) and enjoying seeing all the snow glittering and shinning in the sunlight. This is seriously such an amazing time of year! It’s also pretty cool getting to see all the animal tracks in the snow.

So, this comment was left on my blog and I thought that she had some good points, so I decided I wouldn’t just answer her comment, but I would talk about it for a minute on my blog. 
Alright, here the comment is:

These goals are very admirable! I hope you get to do many of them – but remember, God is the ultimate director of your life. I mentioned a bucket list to an elderly person I know and trust, and although it’s not a bad thing, I want to share with you what she told me, because it really rings true – “God has His own plan for our lives. We can have hopes and goals, are long as they are what He wants. As long as we aren’t telling God, this is what I’m going to do.”  

It kind of hit me hard! Of course, goals are great to have! Just passing a great reminder on from a wise elder. 🙂


Goals and dreams are like a path, you use them to guide yourself through life to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. 
First off, I agree, great reminder. And, it is important *very important* to make sure that we don’t put our plans above what God’s will is for us. And it’s also critical to learn how to give up our ideas of what’s ‘perfect’ in order to serve God in the way that He wants us to. Thanks for the comment, Writeinthelight17. 

With that being said, I also want to clarify a few things. First of all, my ‘dream list’ is not my goal list. They are just some things that I think would be fun to do some day. I truly believe that God wants me to use my writing to help people learn more about Him and provide wholesome reading material for kids and teens. A lot of my ‘dreams’ consist of traveling, speaking, or writing. That’s because all of those things figure into my goals

My main goal in life is to bring glory to God in all that I do, and also to help other people learn about Him. I must say, I’m not doing the best with that goal yet, but I’m working toward it every day and I am getting better. 

Goals and dreams are something you need to have in your life. Without goals and dreams, you don’t have any direction, and when you don’t have direction, it’s impossible to get where you want to go, because you don’t know where that is

So here’s what I have to say: Seek God, dream big, and be amazed. 

You can’t just sit back then, though! You have to work towards your goals Every. Single. Day. No matter what. Last year I did at least one thing to get me closer to my goal, every single day. Some days it wasn’t a lot, but when I added it up over time, I realized that I was so much further ahead, because of the five minutes here and three minutes there I spent working toward my goal, even when I was totally swamped with other stuff.

{Hint: Keep a journal where you just write a line or so each day, telling what you did *that day* to get closer to accomplishing your goal. And keep that journal solely for recording your activities. At the end of the year you’ll be amazed.} 

10 thoughts on “Dream List Explained

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the advice as well, Adiyl! And your sweet spirit at what might have offended others.
    Goals are so important, yes! And you've got me wanting to keep my journal more dutifully this year. I used to journal, but now I novel a lot, and barely journal. I think it's worth keeping up, though, when you put it that way! *Heads away to write in journal…*




  2. Anonymous says:

    And I must show my twin sisters (5) the second picture. Looks just like “the secret lane” in the Betsy and Tacy books. They'd love it! 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    Aidyl, Great post – such a good attitude. I know I've been away a long time but I do peep in to read your blog often. You are amazing. Lots of talent.
    ~Your Secret Admirer


  4. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Oh my, YSA, I’ve been missing you. Thank you so much for stopping by again. Do you know how much I wonder who you are? And how weird it is when I think of talking to you this way when you could be someone I see often?
    Can’t you give me a little hint? Well, if not, make sure you let me know one day… Put it in your will or something so that I don’t die without finding out *who* you are! Do you want to do a guest post some day? I’d be delighted if you would. You could make up a new email address so you don’t share your identity with me if you wanted. ~Aidyl


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