2012 In A Nutshell

So, I noticed a lot of y’all were doing this and it looked like fun, so I decided to do it, too!

My dog, Scout, got hurt and when I was staying up taking care of her, I worked on writing out my goals for the year. That included daily goals, weekly goals and year-long goals. It was the first time that I wrote down goals that I was actually determined to follow though with them.
 My ‘identical twin’ Marta came to the USA to live with us for a year. 
(Yeah, we’d actually only met once before and we don’t look anything alike and we aren’t the same age… But we told people for the entire year that we’re identical twins, and I guess it just stuck.)
I ended up going to Florida for a month to visit different relatives and go to several different mission conferences that we have there. For fun I started a blog that one of my characters ‘wrote’. Only, I forgot the blog address and password so that didn’t last long. 
I started this blog and wrote my first blog post. I emailed Emily Sacra and asked her advice about blogging. She was an amazing help. Then I got my first kindle-book published. That was a huge deal for me! It seemed like all the months of writing, years of editing and hundreds of dollars I had spent (on an editor) were finally paying off. Back then I still didn’t know how to put in links, so I had to copy and paste whole addresses… *Sigh* 
I reviewed my goals and decided that I had a good start on the year. A lot of our family got together for Easter, and we had a great time together. It was the first time we’d been together in several months. Cousins are so much fun.
 I went and stayed at the Creation Museum for almost a week with my ‘adopted’ parents. My ‘adopted’ dad, Buddy Davis, was making a movie about swamps, and they were filming different snakes, which was really cool to watch. Plus, I got to have a 100+ lbs. albino python crawl on me, that was exciting. 
We also, neared the end of our kidding season (my bro and I have a goat farm). With 26 kids and no fatalities, it was a record. So were the long hours I spent up in the barn! 
My ‘identical twin’, younger sisters and I had a several-week long period of time where we would spend almost every night playing games after we came down from the barn and before we went to bed. Oh, those were great days! And I spent an afternoon going boating with my amazing brother! I found a really neat bookstore one random day. Boy, that was a crazy-full month, peoples! 
*One more thing, I wrote my first book review for a book I had gotten in exchange for the review. I planned on getting tons of books that way, but it sort of fizzled out.* Ok, ok. So the month isn’t done yet. I didn’t realize so much happened! I also got to go with my family and hear John Maxwell and Tim Tebow speak. That was really inspiring. And… I got my second book e-book published. 
I’m amazed to find that I’ve been blogging for two months… Meanwhile, I’m on top of the world, it being May and all, because it’s now warm enough to go barefoot. May is one of my favorite months of the year. Our family goes on a business trip to California. It’s my first time further west than Arizona. The beach there was beautiful, but all in all I didn’t think California was anything great. I was happy to get home. A week or so later, I did the first interview on my blog. And then… Haying time begins. Serious, so much fun! My cousin tells me I’m not putting enough thought into my blog, so I begin working harder at it. Thanks, Aubs!
Have I really only had my blog for three months? It feels like longer! I first had the idea for my 50/50 Jaunt, which was pretty cool while it lasted. I hope to pick it back up someday. I entered my first blog fest, and realized there was a lot more to the blogging world that I first thought. I go to Florida for a week with my dad for a writing conference and to visit my grandma. I blog about my dreams. We have a huge storm… And not only that, but we’re driving to a wedding during it. 
Blogging for four months and one of my best friends/co-worker gets engaged.  I finished writing a book that I started six weeks earlier, Where Dandelions Grow. It’s my favorite of my books to date. My dog, Scout dies. Ugg. Laura wins my first (and so far only), writing contest. I begin posting my story, Where Dandelions Grow, but eventually stop because of editing that needs to take place. I begin slowing down a bit because of some health issues, so I post about being thankful. (That’s how I am, y’all!)
Jo (my friend who got engaged) had her last day at work, so I wrote a post for her. Blogging continues to be slow as I deal with quite a few health issues. A really good growing time for me. 
One of my sisters and two of my cousins (the four of us grew up doing everything together), got to spend a weekend away together.  I enter my first writing contest. The puppy that I’m going to get (I had a deposit on it) is born. 
I enter a blog hop and have tons of fun and get to meet lots of writers! I work on continuing with a good mindset, even when life is rough. I answer questions that my blog readers have for me. There’s so much going on, that I don’t have much time for blogging… Jo’s wedding, company, getting ready for a trip, more company, my birthday, entering into the world of google+ and Facebook *for my writing only* which I haven’t kept up so well, and more company! I snatch a couple of days to quickly write a kids book that has about 10,000 words. 
I get some beautiful autumn pictures (I mean, they are beautiful because what I was taking pictures of was beautiful, not the quality or anything since I was just using my iPhone) while visiting my adopted parents for a few days. Autumn totally rocks. I end up going to California again. This time for a family trip where we got to visit relatives. (Crazy, right? Never going before, then going twice in six months? By the way, peoples, I liked this part of CA so much more! I thought it was really beautiful and the people were a lot nicer, too.) Seeing the Redwood Forest was really great! Right after we get home, I get to go and pick up my puppy, Novel. I decide crazy-late in the game to take part in NaNoWriMo. I cram as much plotting and planning as a new puppy will allow me into the next couple of days. 
NaNo starts and I sit in my chair for hours on end, writing, writing, writing. I take off with a bang, but I know I have to, since we have company for the last half of the month. I find the perfect soundtrack and listen to it over, and over and over as I write. November 12th, and I’m half-way done with NaNo. We have a great Thanksgiving. I finish NaNoWriMo with three days to spare!!!
It’s 12-12-12, which is really neat. I don’t know about you, but I think dates like that are amazing. 
And then my sister guest-posted on here for the first time. 
Well, actually she wrote a story that I posted for her, but same difference, right? 
So pretty much, I haven’t done a ton of writing on here this month because I did so much writing in November, and then I spent a lot of time editing various things this month. Did I mention, by the way that my editor’s working on Where Dandelions Grow, right now? Pretty cool! 
Well, y’all! There my year is in a nutshell! (Or should I say blog post?) I hope you enjoyed it. 
Now I’m going to go and roll in the snow with my little brother. Why? Um, just for fun. 
A re-cap of 2012 in a nutshell. Hehe, it’s a play on words, get it? 

5 thoughts on “2012 In A Nutshell

  1. Jenny says:

    That's amazing. It was really nice to read about your 2012 in a nutshell. 😉

    You want to roll in the snow with your brother because 2012 is ending and you want to enjoy it even though the snow is going to be the 'same'…?

    <3 your posts,


  2. Anonymous says:

    Loved this post! Must do something like this in my diary today. Would be good to go over it all.
    Happy you had a wonderful year!



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