Hey Y’all Christmas Was This Week // Guest Story By My Sister Helena

Hey! A late Merry Christmas to everyone! 
I hope you had a wonderful past week. I know that I did!

Family, fun, late nights, laughter, talking, games, togetherness, Christmas music, memories, traditions, surprises, smiles, hoping for snow,  presents, food…

This past month I listened to the first several chapters of Luke on my iPhone just about every day, sometimes more than once a day. It was really amazing to hear and remember over and over again just why we celebrate Christmas. 

Picture of Cowboy, taken by my ‘adopted’ mom =)
So, I’m kinda behind in blogging, aren’t I? 
Well, I’ve got a treat for you today. My sister, Helena, who works in our family business, and is the sibling right above me – which means we did everything together growing up – wrote this story. It’s about a phone call she had the other day at work. 
I thought it was inspiring and just right to share with y’all. So sit back and enjoy! 

       “Ma’am, you’re not understanding me!” His voice not only rose in volume but the pitch also moved up an octave. 
       I had been on the phone with Karl (name changed), a disgruntled client, for the last couple of minutes trying to make sense of his slurred and angry speech. 
       “Sir, I am so sorry. You’re right, I’m not understanding what’s going on, can you explain it again?” I asked as disarmingly as possible. 
       Startled at my apologetic response, he started over, telling me again about his problem with his policy payment. This time calming down as he spoke, I was able to understand him. 

       Asking Karl what the name of the company was that he had his policy through brought a moment of silence and then he timidly answered, “Well, you see, I’m kinda illiterate and can’t read what it says”. I sat stunned, this 55 year old man couldn’t read? 
       I asked him if he’d have anyone around who could read it for him. His response indicated what a lonely man he was. No, no one who would be willing to help him. Finally he was able to give me a couple letters from the policy’s name and I was able to figure out what company it was and begin to work to solve his problem. 
       As I finished out the call he apologized for becoming angry and wished me a Merry Christmas. 
       After calling the insurance company and getting everything taken care of for Karl I called him back to reassure him that everything was alright. 

       As we chatted and he again wished me a Merry Christmas. I asked him if he had plans for Christmas, his response again stunned me. 
       “No,” he replied, “no plans. I don’t have any family, I only have a few friends and they’ll all be busy and I am housebound because of an accident I was in when I was younger – so I won’t be going anywhere.” My mind filled with images of our family Christmas, family all gathered around, presents piled high under the tree and then I pictured him in his lonely apartment, all by himself on Christmas day. 
       I took down his address and told him that my family was going to send him cookies as our way of wishing him a Merry Christmas. His response was what I would have expected if I told him that we were going to send him a check for $100,000. There were tears in his voice as he thanked me for caring and being there to help him. 

       As I hung up the phone the second time and sat in the quietness of my office I thought about the blessings in my life. The “little things” that every day I take for granted. The health I have, being able to go out and about at my leisure. The kind, loving family that surrounds me, the ability to read, friends who I can count on and the list goes on. So many things that I have been blessed with, so many things that you have been blessed with. Even the simple fact that you’re reading this indicates you’re blessed with the ability to read. 
       Just as I was challenged this week to slow down and see the world through different eyes I want to challenge you to do the same. Take time and wonder at your blessed life, be grateful for your life and then go and help someone who lonely and hurting.  

One thought on “Hey Y’all Christmas Was This Week // Guest Story By My Sister Helena

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing story! It's great how God brings people into our lives in different ways, and great how your sister responded.

    Writeinthelight17 – Rebecca


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