Do y’all know what today is? 
It’s 12-12-12
That’s pretty impressive, you know. And really cool. 
I just had to do a post today, so it would say 12-12-12.
But now that I think of it, I remember that my clock is wrong for my blog, so maybe it just might already think tomorrow is here. That would be a bummer, but oh well, it is still 12-12-12.
My sister took this ^ picture and then let me use it because I didn’t get such a great one on my phone…
I was just outside, watching the extremely clear night sky. Not a cloud in sight. The air was crisp and clean. And me oh my, the stars! Breathtaking as normal. 
I like to swing after dark, so I was swinging (we have swings here where I live), and I started seeing shooting stars. A lot of them. So I went and laid down, in the heavy frosted grass, and watched them. 
Oh, so beautiful! I wanted to stay out longer, but even though I was bundled up, I know it’s not too smart of an idea to lay out on the ground in the middle of December, so I came back in. 
Seriously peoples, you should look at the stars more! 
Have a totally great day!
A picture of me laying out in the grass, stargazing. Really, it is. 

5 thoughts on “12-12-12

  1. Anonymous says:

    We were all talking about that. Last year we will have numbers the same like that, unless the world lasts another 100 years…Eh, I doubt it.
    Lol Funny about the picture! Where's the flash? 😉



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