A-Z Thanksgiving

So, I’m very thankful. And I’m sure many of y’all have been reading ‘Thanksgiving posts’, so I’m doing a little bit of a random post here, that will hopefully be entertaining. Maybe it will also give you a little glimpse into my head? Because right now I’m going to write down something I’m thankful for that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

Here’s the catch though.

I’m going to write down the first word I think of. Even if it isn’t what I’m most thankful for. That way you’ll see what words jump into my mind. Yes sir, some of them are kind of random. (Playdough? Silence? Water? Really now, Aidyl?)

And of course I’m thankful for a lot of other things. Including all you people who read and or follow my blog. Thanks!

Answers In Genesis
Barns (If I could have thought a minute longer, I would have said ‘Books!’)
Creation Museum
Fireflies (Yeah, remember, first words here… Family would have been the winner if I could have changed it.)
Helena (my sister)
India (the country, which is where another one of my sisters, Mariah, wants to go)
Johanna (my sister)
Kids (I mean, if there weren’t kids, none of us would be here…The goat kind aren’t bad either, so that’s a double one there.)
Playdough (First word that came to mind… Think of it translating to ‘childhood memories’)
Roses (I almost cringe at writing this one, but it was the first thing my mind came up with. I don’t like thinking of myself as the kind of girl who’s all into roses, but I do think they’re delightful!)
Tomboys (Is this kind of like saying I’m thankful for me? I hope not…)
Water (Yes, here’s one of those times I wish I could change… I would say ‘writing’)
X-rays (I know, so, so original! But hey, they are useful…)
Yamrote (My sister, Mariah’s middle name. It means ‘Just what I always wanted’ Sisters are great!)
Zoo (Yeah, I totally wished I could have said Zoe = Life) 

3 thoughts on “A-Z Thanksgiving

  1. Anonymous says:

    LoL That was quite entertaining! I love barns and books too. Writing and tomboys also! 😉 Playdough? Now that made me laugh. Hope you had a blessed thanksgiving!



  2. Jenny says:

    Yeah, I agree. Quite entertaining. Well, I'd be thankful for those things even if they were the first things that came to mind…without one thing, we wouldn't have the other. 🙂


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