Life isn’t always what I wanted it to be, 
There are so many obligations, and I wanna be free.

There are so many people, begging for my time, 
Instead of sugar it seems I’ve been handed a lime.

Balance, balance, what’s the meaning of the word?
Constantly I should go and beg an answer from the Lord. 

“What should I do now? What’s number one?” 
Believe me, my life isn’t a trip in the sun. 

My phone’s ringing now, and I just got some mail,
With all that’s going on, it’s sure I’ll just fail. 

Reading the Bible? Believe me, no time for that, 
I need to go to work now, where’s my winter hat? 

Priorities, priorities, will I ever get them straight?
I still have ever so much to do and it’s getting late. 

Falling into bed, no time or energy to pray, 
You’ll understand it has to wait for another day.

Yet Who is the most important of all? 
When there’s trouble, Whom do I call? 

If God means so much and is Lord of me,
Why do I push Him aside and just let it be?

Spending time with Him is more important than the rest, 
Without Him, my life will never be blessed. 

I’ll not measure up at all you see, 
Unless I become what He wants me to be. 

He loves me and has my perfect plan in mind, 
While I go on, searching this world joy to find. 

So I need to get my life on track, 
And let Him be the leader of my pack. 

He is my King, my Lord, my Friend, my All, 
I love Him, and to His name, praises I will call.

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