NaNoWriMo… Joining The Family

I think I’m beginning to feel welcomed into the family. The NaNoWriMo (from now on referred to as ‘NaNo’) family, of course. Reading quite a few blog posts yesterday where everyone was talking about NaNo (or maybe those are the only blogs I clicked on…) made me so glad that I decided to join it this year. The feeling of belonging in the “writing community” is something that can’t be beat… 
Here, let me give you a little glimpse of what my life looked like yesterday:
*Lots of pretty markers
*Different sized flashcards 
*My laptop
*Sugar-free Jolly Ranchers (ahem, I only ate three, but still, they were pretty much the hight of my day)
*And do you see who’s poking her nose up? 
*And AIG DVD’s, being used for research 
*And lots of emails, blogs and songs on youtube
Making a Calendar for myself on my dry-erase board:

A closer look at some of my flashcards. ^ I brainstormed in a way that I’ve never done before, because my mind was totally blank. I knew was the basic setting, the purpose of the book, the characters, etc… But I couldn’t think up a plot line. Therefore, I set my timer for five minutes, and wrote all the words I could think of, some had to do with the setting, some didn’t. (Orange Card) 
Next I set the timer for ten minutes, and wrote a bunch of sentences that could go in the book… I couldn’t believe it, but by the time I was done with that, I had a good idea of where I wanted the book to go. Yeah, pretty cool. 

My writing buddy. *I kinda feel bad calling her that, when I just asked y’all who wanted to be my writing buddy, but I’m talking about to totally different things here.* And… I told you I would tell what her name is…. Drum roll, please! And the name of my puppy is… Novel! Kinda fits, right? I write novels, the name of my blog is *Noveltea* and yeah…

So, how’s your writing coming along? I would really enjoy hearing from more people who are doing NaNo and why/how they’re doing it, or who aren’t doing it, and why? 

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