Eleven’s & Pics From The Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest

I was tagged by Kiri Liz (thanks!), and even though I’m not going to tag anyone back, I am going to answer her questions and write 11 random things about myself, because that sounds like a lot of fun! 

{Eleven Random Things About Me}

1. I have the shortest (full) name of anyone in my family, including aunts, uncles and cousins. 
2. I don’t like leaving home, except for traveling. Meaning, I don’t like going to shopping, etc… But I do like going on trips. 
3. I like almost every style of music. 
4. The more I travel, the more I realize what a beautiful place I live in. Having four seasons is something that is not to be compared with anything.
5. I like a very wide range of names. From Emily to Selah. Teal, Shalom, Justin, Micah and Copper are some more that I like. I’m always on the look out for new/great/unusual/perfect names for my characters.  
6. Finding my direction by the stars is something I (try) to do whenever I’m in a new place at night.
7. Some day I would really like to take art lessons and maybe illustrate one of my books. 
8. I like speaking with accents at random times. 
9. Most cartoons stress me out. 
10. I like to laugh until my shoulders hurt and I’m almost crying. 
11. I think rain is beautiful. 

So beautiful and green

{Answering Kiri Liz’s 11 Questions}

1. What is your third favorite color?
My third? Green. 

2. If you could rewrite any scene from any book, which one would it be and why?
Um, I’ll have to leave this question for when I have longer… Such a great question!

3. Would you rather live in an old palace, a cottage in the woods, a pirate ship, or a underground burrow?
An old palace. Totally. And second would be the cottage, but a far second! 

4. How do you pronounce the word “often?” Off-ten? Or Off-fen?

A very cool place, just sayin’

5. What is your favorite holiday film?

I’m not sure. I haven’t watched many.

6. If you had a book (any book including a cookbook or a research book) published, what would be featured on the cover?

Well, thinking of the one I’m working on right now…. A dandelion. =) 

7. Where would your dream home be located?
I really don’t know. I haven’t seen enough. In woods somewhere. Maybe mountains, but not huge mountains. Perhaps a place that looks like the Redwood Forest or Old Man’s Cave.

8. If there was no such thing as tea or coffee in this world, what hot drink(s) would you consume?
Hot chocolate. 

9. What one song describes your life/day/mood? 
Born For This by Mandisa. 

10. Peanut butter cookies, snickerdoodles, or gingerbread men?
Gingerbread men. 

11. What is something you absolutely love right now?

* Hanging out with my family, especially when we’re all in good moods. 
* Realizing I have the coolest cousins ever. 
* Laughing like crazy. 

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